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In case you missed it, Rockin' Snowbasin video!!

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So I posted this over the weekend in the trip/on hill meeting forum, but since not as many people hit that forum, I'd thought I'd repost it here for maximum exposure. It's a video file I cut together with video and stills from the 2/3/2006 Snowbasin get together. The song is "The Bare (Bear) Necessities" by Bowling for Soup. It's a rather large file (20 megs) so if you're on dial up, it most likely isn't for you. I compressed it as much as I could, the original version is over 50 megs. If anybody that was there would like a CD copy of the video (full rez) and the raw pics, let me know via e-mail or PM. We'll work something out. I'd require a small fee for materials and postage ($2-$3). EDIT: Unless I can find a different server to upload it to...

Original resolution is 640x480, I'd click that one....

The Bare Necessities


EDIT: BIG to Bob Peters for lots of great photos!
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Really nice job, Lonnie . Now I'm jealous I wasn't there...
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Cool job Lonnie!

I sent the link to my kids so they could see what we were up to out here.

In case anybody else didn't know - The Bare Necessities was originally a Disney song, sung by Phil Harris as the voice of Balloo the Bear in "The Jungle Book". I've also heard a cool "Swing" version by Harry Connick Jr.

This should go directly on the entry page to Epicski - take THAT, TGR!
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Nice work on that vid!

Sorry I missed everybody, we were down about 5 trollers due to injurys and sickness so I stayed busy all day long. The visibility situation in berry land didn't help any, I spent a good chunk of the day looking for 'lost' guests.
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Well done Lonnie. Looks like I missed a fun day.
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Well done Lonnie. I'm sorry that I did not provide you with any additional pictures but mine did not turn out very good. Well there's always next year!
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Good work.

What software did you use for editing?
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There is way too much visibility in that movie.
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Excellent job Lonnie!!! It was great to meet the group last Friday- And make some darn good turns
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Originally Posted by ski03
What software did you use for editing?

Thanks for all the props everyone! In reality, it was really quite easy. The hardest part was compressing it. I started messing with it about 8:30pm last friday and finished about 1:30am. That includes about 30mins build time (CPU processing time (3.7 Mhz 1 Gig mem.) and about that same amount of time uploading to my web space. If I had it to do over, I'd shoot more video.

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Clap clap clap. Fun vid.

After doing some vid myself that must have been one tricky bit of time comsuming buisness.

Well done, it all flowed together nicely with a fun tone.
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Great job Lonnie!

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Bump again!

Can somebody "Stickie" this to the top?

I keep sending links to people and have to go back and find the thread again.
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Very Well Done!!!!
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Fantastic Lonnie and thanks for taking the time I agree with Frau that it should be a permanent part of the site with full credit to Lonnie
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Yeah, I just need to edit out the clips of SCSA...

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Thanks, Lonnie! Great to see!
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No, don't do that, Lonnie. I sent that movie to the kids and now my younger daughter has asked for the software for her birthday. She stayed up until the wee hours building a muvee of our trip to Mexico last year with the 14 day trial version. My other daughter is taking a media arts class and plans to use the software for her projects. Both have the same camera you do.

We can't thank you enough for making that movie!
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If you send me a copy of it I'll post it on our server..
Same email I sent you in a PM
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