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Anybody try the new Booster WC?

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I've been using the expert model Booster strap and really like it. My wife wants a set and after cruising their website I notice that they have a new WC model that has an extra layer of nylon webbing between the three elastic straps.
Anyone try the new model & have opinions?
The expert feels pretty good for my burly 160 lbs & aggresive level 8 skiing. Just wondering if the WC might be too overpowering for all-mtn use.
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The WC version has to be ridiculously stiff because the 3 bands in the Expert version are pretty darn burly. At 160 lbs. I wouldn't think any "normal" human would want to venture into the WC version.
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Update: Went for it and replaced my Expert Booster with the new World Cup.
Makes the skis even more responsive and I don't feel like it altered my technique.
Surprisingly, the biggest advantage seemed to be in this weekend's Pow & chopped Pow.

Just an FYI for anyone considering them.
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I'm thinking of swapping out the power strap on my Lange 130's for a Booster Strap. Has anyone made this change, and what did you think. Also, what level Booster would you recommend for a 190 lb. level 8 skier?
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I use the Lange 120, weigh 160, strong level 8.
I swapped the stock strap at the beginning of last season for the expert booster.
The booster doesn't stiffen the flex per se, but rather changes the progressivity of the flex. With the stock strap I felt like I needed a lot of pressure to overcome its resistance but once it went there was nothing until bottom out. The elasticity of the booster provides a more consistent feel from beginning of boot motion until it begins to rebound. Does that make sense?
It translates into a more responsive boot with a snappier rebound.

The WC takes it a step further. I really appreciated the power & control in fresh snow & crud.
I spoke with Ray who makes the Booster and I'll pass along what he said.
Get the WC. It's only 2 bucks more than expert. The only difference is a thin polypropelene piece of webbing in between the 3 elastic layers. If you find it to be too firm then cut the polypro and you have the expert. If you don't like that then cut one of the three elastic straps and you have the "standard" model.
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