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I think we are all looking for that. Our point, though, is that the jobs that get us to that point may change with times. Look how the Seattle economy has changed and adapted in the past 20 years.
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Originally Posted by beebedave
magnoe, i understand. i'm sorry, as you can tell it is a touchy issue to me. all i know is i go to work every day and bust my balls so i can live the dream. it is always tough to hang on to a job and support myself and a house and my passion to ski. and i don't have kids. i can imagine how tough that would be. again, sorry
Very big of you to apologize . It's definitely a touchy subject because change is not easy.

We can now get back to skis.

Oh, by the way, I love my Gotamas.
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magnoe. yes back to skiing. what size gotamas are you on? how do you like them all around, i mean when the pow is beaten up? i did see alot of them my last time at alta. i am interested in the 183, and am going to be in jackson in a couple of weeks. would they be good even on days that it isn't dumping, or should i just suck it up and pay the price for the legend pro, 186. i know i would like to ski it, but for an all around big mountain ski what do you or anyone else suggest?
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Here's my deal. I am 5'11 and 175 lbs. I currently ski on Bandit B2's in 176. I really debated the 182 length as well but went with the 176 because of it's great performance in bumps.

But I really wanted a powder ski and ended up getting some 176 Gotamas from another Barking Bear. I was searching for the 183's since that is what everyone seems to recommend as the minimum length. But the 176's were the only used ski affordable to me. I received them about 3 weeks ago. Since then I have skied them at Snowbowl on a 6" and 3" day. Two weeks ago I was in Jackson Hole and used them for 2 of the powder days.

Except for the backcountry of Jackson Hole, it was not enormously deep powder and the Gots did superb. I've had a smile on my face each time I have skied them. They are definitely slower on groomed runs and bumps but that is not their intended use. Skiing some of the chutes at Jackson Hole like Brain Dead, the 176 length became real handy in tight spots.

I have not skied the 183 so I can't compare stability but the 176's have been adequate. Turn initiation is remarkable in the soft stuff. I'm not hucking huge cliffs or going 40 mph through open powder bowls so they have been perfect so far. With that said, I would still enjoy trying the 183. I normally like to frolic my way through deep powder but now with the Gots I am enjoying hitting bowls with some speed.

Hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by beebedave
srharv, you must drive a '92 honda civic and push carriages at wal-mart. what the @#%#? you are an american, why don't you want americans to work and try to afford a normal life with a house, children,a car, and maybe take the family on vacation once in awhile?
Odd guess at a stereotype. Way off but interesting.

Of course I want Americans (such as myself) to work. I also want each of us to exhibit personal responsibility for his/herself and not whine/moan about offshoring, downsizing, reverse discrimination, etc.

Want a better life? Work for it. Don't sit around expecting entitlements.
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