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Rossi Z9

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I'm 190lbs 5'11" Expert Skier. I got a chance to ski the Rossi Z9 in 170cm. It's 126/74/105. My Volkl AC4's are 125/82/110 170cm.

The Rossi's are heavy, felt like a Atomic B5. I have skied the B5 and like it better then the Rossi's. Though I wouldn't buy the B5 either.

The snow today at Okemo was soft, like late March. My AC4's cut through it like butter, at any turn shape, at any speed.

Time of day 1PM. My first turns on the Z9 were work. They were slow speed turns from the B Quad down to the Sugar House to meet Hairybones and his wife. I mentioned how the Z9's were hard to get to turn at slow speeds. We went up the Northstar to the top. We came down Chief at speed. The Z9's were easier to turn as you gave them a little speed. After a high speed run down most of Chief, (something we had done more then once today) I stop and said, "I don't have confidence in these skis". Hairybones said "that's what I noticed in your skiing".

I returned them to the demo tent.

Maybe it was tune that was not to my liking. But I have demoed other skis and liked them. I hate to say anything bad about these because they are supposed to be good skis. I just found them heavy and slow to turn. Not as stable at speed as you would think for the weight of them.

I got back on my AC4's and we went up and did Chief again at speed. Mrs. Hairybones asked us "how do you guy's ski that so fast?" I guess I'm much more confindent on the AC4's and Hairybones on his K2 Outlaws.
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One of the ESA coaches, Nick Herrin, is contracted to Rossi and skied the 9S, Z9, and B4. He's one of the most powerful and simultaneously graceful skiers I've ever experienced first-hand. His choice of "tools" has definitely piqued my interest and I'll try to demo them to see how a modern Rossi feels (I haven't been on Rossi ski in 20 years).
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all around high speed

The Z9 is a good all round ski and yes it dose have a high speed gear and the ski realy comes to life. But I've skied this ski for a year and a half ever since the factory sent me my pair last year. From high speed groomers, in the pow, crud and yes even a slow run down a fast line let the ski do it's thing be patient and it will respond it will handle a wide range of turn shapes and quick edge to edge. A buddy was trying to keep up with me on his race stock Atomics and he had to admit the ski was quick.
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May be it was the tune.

When I took the Z9 back an instructor friend was there. I told him what I felt and it's his idea that the tune was off.

I tune my Volkl's at 1 and 3, I don't detune the tips or tails.
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