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X-Wave 10 (Same fit as X-Wave 8?)

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Greetings, First post, Great Forum.

I'm an expert, aggressive skiier (9ish, probably), 45, 5'8", 160, in good shape. Ski West and East, off-piste, cruisers, everything. Finally updating my equipment. Dynastar Intuitiv 74 (182cm) bought from a ski-instructor friend late last year. Now getting new boots. I have a widesh foot (street size ~8E), and a fairly high arch.

Trying on boots at a local shop, found a good fit in a Pair of 25/25.5 X-Wave 8's. But I wanted something stiffer. I've generally skied on consumer race boots, so while a step "down" to a free-ride seemed reasonable, don't want to go 2 steps down in terms of flex and performance, especially given my Intuitivs are longish.

So I thought an X-Wave 10 would be good. But the shop didn't have them. They said they would try to get them from Salomon, later told me they weren't available in my size.

So then, today, I noticed a Pair of X-Wave 10's, 25/25.5, my size, are being offered on EBay for $350. The claim is they've been used only 3 days, but they don't fit the seller well due to a calf-size issue.

So my question: Is it a pretty sure bet that a good fit for the X-Wave 8 would mean a good fit for these X-Wave 10's? Does it seem like a good risk to buy these on EBay?

Any other reason that I should be scared off of X-Wave 10's? Do people like these boots on this forum for good skiers?

Btw, I'm referring to the '05-'06 models here.


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I think it depends what type of feet you have... if you're 110% sure you won't need any after-purchase work on your boots (grind,punch,etc..), then buying it off eBay is okay... but I think you'd be better off buying another boot from your local bootfitter versus buying online. Almost anything can be bought off eBay... but boots just aren't one of those things..

Nordica Speedmachines are a similar make and the 14s are pretty stiff, aren't they?
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wave 8 and wave 10 are the same shape (as are the mens, and ladies in both the wave, rush, and crossmax, and models from 6-10) just differnt bits on the outside ......

foot shape and size 25 is about right
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The X-wave 10 is a good boot. Since your shop tried to get you some but couldn't, they might be able to fit you. I've found that you have to go small and get them punched out to get a good fit, but that depends on your feet. Good luck.
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X-Wave 10's are a little narrower. I tried tham on this year, and settled for the 8's.
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