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Advise on ski cross 10 / 9

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I am looking for an awesome all-mountain ski. While I realize one ski can't do it all, I though I found that ski...but maybe not!

I'm 6' 185lbs and like skiing all, steeps and bumps then flying down a groomer. Located in Western Canada so we get good snow and I ski Sunshine, Louise, Fernie, and Whitefish.

I demo'd the 04 Ski Cross 10's last year and loved them (skied both 170 and 180 I believe) but after doing more research I keep hearing the 10 is not the best all mountain ski and is "tricky" in bumps. I was more than impressed but wonder if I'd be better suited to the Ski Cross 9.

I will likely buy a 170 length as I'm getting old (32).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance

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IMO, they're both too narrow for a Western all-mountain ski. I'd get something with a minimum waist in the 70 - 74 mm. range.

If you like the Dynastar line, check out the Intuitiv 74. It's a great all mtn. ski for the west. I just picked up a pair new with bindings from Cupolo Sports for $449 and I love 'em. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

The Volkl AX3 is another good one at the narrower side of the spectrum.
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Since you are in Canada where the Fischer Sceneo series are sold (no longer available in the USA), you may wish to check out the Sceneo 400 and 500 in 170cm. This year's model is the same as last season's except for the graphics.

In the Epic Ski Gear Review forum there is a fair amount of information available on the Fischer Sceneo's.Look for the search feature and type in "Sceneo".
Good luck. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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MJG. The 10's are highly versatile and handle the bumps quite well in my experience. Check out my post in the Gear for sale section. Here is a reprint: FS: 02 Dynastar Ski Cross 170 with Marker Piston 1200 bindings. Used 10 days and in excellent condition. The skis have a fresh tune and are ready to go. Will sell for $350 or best offer. For more info and pics, email me at: cross at nexternal dot com.
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MJG, I seem to be in a similar situation to you, thinking of buying the 04 Ski Cross 10 but worried that the 9 may be more suitable for bumps.

However, I think I've decided that I won't be skiing enough bumps to warrant worrying about that and will go for the 10 based on it's smooth high speed carving ability. I will be skiing most down under (oz) so I don't think a 74mm waist is required for these conditions.

Note also that the waist of the 04 Ski Cross 10 is 69mm so it is very close to the 70-74mm range. I'll still be using it when I go to Vail in a few weeks.
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