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Lange Comp120 Freeride

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Got my new boots the other day. Lange comp 120 freeride. I was trying on a the shop the comp line of boots and found that the regular comp120 was killing my foot. Its a very low volume fit..very narrow. Pretty much like all Lange anyway. I had 4 pressure points. But I loved the overall performance of the boot. So the guys there told me about the freeride version off the 120. It's pretty much the same shell, except you dont get the pinninfarina shaved clips and the power strap is a little wider. The liner is completly different. It fits lower on the calf and its more foamy...kinda.. You can thermofit the liner like all other Lange liner.. What's also nice is that the sole of the boot shell inside is high impact gel. It absorbs vibrations and shocks. The color is nice and different from Lange to..Very nice... I had to adjust the clips to make it tight enought but wow.....great fit!! Much more comfy yet just as stiff. Very progressive flex....powerfull boot for everyday riding. No problem landing stuff and jumping around. Very precise. Love it. Just one thing....like all Lange, under -15c. they freeze super fast.....I get frost on the liner inside on a daily basis....Anyway, just my two cents.....
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The new generation of Langes are much softer than the L10's, etc. and much easier to remove. But a good cold day tends to reverse all that!

Oh well, I love my med-fit 120 comps (bought before freerides released). Great fit and feel.

Plus, no boots are as cold as the wet, leather Raichles I had to rent when I first started skiing in the days of blue jeans and Scotchguard!
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Am I correct, that boots get softer over the last year in general? Bought my 2nd pair Tecnica TNT roughly a year ago and they are far softer than the previous top-model I had!
My personal opinion is, that in the age of Carving boots where kind of lagging behind in their evolution. It seems that even Lange has now accepted.....I remember days where many of my friends couldn't get boots hard enough (and skis long enough, nothing below 210cm) and even modified them to be even harder!
Well in the age of 20 they didn't care about their bones and legs....just had to be really hard....
I would probably have given up skiing if this wouldn't have changed.

Have fun
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yes with respect to forward flex which is less relevant with today's shaped skis. Lateral stiffness should still be beefy though.

The old days of trying to bend the front of the ski by pressuring boot front is long gone (thankfully).
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I cannot wear Langes I had a pair of Comp120s on for about 5 minutes before I told the bootfitter to get them off my foot because my instep was hurting so much.
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I have last years version of the 120 freeride. As much as I liked these boots from the first day out, when I replaced the stock strap with the "Booster" strap, the boots performed MUCH better. It was like adding power steering to your feet.

FYI, the boots are very temperature sensitive. I skied yesterday in 55 temps & the boots have never felt so soft. I had to check that the buckles hadn't come undone several times.
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Just bought a pair of last years 120 FR and have worn them around the house for about 15 hrs on and off (starting to feel great). Can you tell me how much packing out to expect on the liner the first couple of days (concerned about the heel pocket packing out too much and getting sloppy)? Can you also tell me what your foot measures out to mondo size and what size you went with in your 120's. I have about a finger and a half in the shell fit...feel like I could go smaller on the shell but not the liner...standing up, toes are pressed right up aginst the liner. Thanks!
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2007 Lange COMP120 FR

Just came back from the 2006-2007 gear show....Was great..Tried the new 06-07 120 freeride. Completly new shell and fit, much higher over the top of the feet, slightly wider. Different more progressive foreward flex, great lateral flex....Watch out! Lange is going to be strong next year...wait until you see the boot, crazy colors...Very nice liner, more comfy and special elastic power strap..Much much better then my actual 05-06 comp 120 Freeride.

By the way, newer boots are much softer in foreward flex but should be just as stiff in lateral flex... Want to try a stiff boot, try a Nordica Doberman 150 agressor.
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Lange XR9

I have a question regarding adjusting forward flex and stiffness.
I have an old pair of Lange XR9's - old but nice boots.
I need advice on how to adjust the forward flex - is the plate on the back ment to be turned upside down to go from 'Min. to Max'? What about the screws?
I've tried on some 130's and 120's but prefer the feel of the XR9's and want to max out the stiffness
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