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Youth 10 equipment?

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I am helping my 10 year old 2nd cousin get started with skiing. We spent 4 days at Mt Bachelor. He picked it up real quick.

Now I am looking for the right kind of equipment for him. Because he really liked the terrain park, I would like to find a good pair of twin tips. What is the best twin tip for youth?

Are there good bindings that are adjustable as his foot grows?

My preference is to find some used equipment. Any good leads in this area would be helpful.
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I would hunt for sales on the skis but hold on the boots till next season.

Some deals on used things can be had a ski shop "swap meets" ....... usually they start in October, or some hills have a swap to benefit the patrol.

A 10 year old can go through boots pretty quickly so buying used .... but good quality boots is a must.

A demo binding may not be a bad idea but it will cost a bit more and the cost will be off set by a simple remount ...... but you will enhance the resale value with the demo binding ...... confused? You can't think the kids gear thing out to any rational conclusion. : A kid who is into this thing will rival any boat as a money pit; I finally gave up ......... HERE! take my money ....... take as much as ....... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :
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