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This is interesting. I compared the mounting position on my Axis, Karma, and 8000s.

First, I misspoke earlier when I said my Axis' were 188. I was going on memory because I couldn't find where the length is indicated on the ski. They are actually the same length as my 8000s, 184. So, the three pair are all roughly the same length, making it fairly easy to compare the binding locations by placing the skis side-by-side with the tails lined up.

Of the three, the Axis' bindings are mounted nearest the tail. The 8000s are approx. 1/4" forward of the Axis'. The Karmas are just shy of 1/2" forward of the 8000s. So, there's nearly 3/4" difference between the Karmas and the Axis' in relation to the tail.

This seems fairly significant, but I don't really know. Thoughts?

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According to Steve Bagley at Superior Ski Snowbird, UT most of the skiers he balances notice a half centimeter (5mm) adjustment fore or aft. Whether "noticing it" means it's significant I'm not sure.

When I said comparing your skis would be surprising I didn't expect that I'd be the one surprised! So you really like your Axis setup and it's the most rearward mount of the 3. Interesting.

When you compared the positions, what point on the bindings did you use as the cross reference between them - the toe, the heel, or where? If your bindings were all mounted according to the midsole marks I would have lined them up by the midsole marks - not by the tails. Reason being that the tails all have different contact points at the rear - it's really not a true indication of the differences (especially with a twin tip like the Karma) if you used the end of the tails to line up the skis.
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Hi Noodler,

All three pair are mounted in the standard fashion, centered over the mid-sole mark. When I line the mid-sole marks up, side-by-side, the results seem to be the same as before. The Axis is the most rearward setup. The Karma is the most forward.

That said, I'm not sure what this exercise is proving. As you stated, all skis have slightly different contact points depending on the shape and angle of curvature at both tip and tail.

If I were to GUESS at the contact points of each ski, I would say that the mounting positions are very similar, on all three skis, in relation to the rearward contact point. But, this is a total guess. I'm not sure there is any useful info gained by this rather non-technical comparison.

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