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Rossignol Cut ? When to upgrade

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First, I am 5'10'' 190#, I am new to the sport and looking to improve. I live in Colorado and ski every weekend. I took two lessons to begin the season and I am working on my technique and will probably take more soon. I am probably a level 5 to 6 currently but seem to be moving up fairly quickly.I will tackle most blues with no fear. I plan to venture into blacks next weekend. I find the blues a good place to work on technique. My goal is to be able to tackle all the mountain.
Now, my question. I have acquired a set of Rossignol 10.4 Cuts (177's) and a pair of Heierling Concord boots. Both seem to be working now, but I am wondering at what point this setup will hold me back. I have not been able to find much information on either. I was renting equipment before and when I transitioned to this gear noticed a huge improvement. The boots feel very comfortable(tons of adjustments), but cannot find any info about them. The company seems to be gone. Any info on this equipment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Let me know if more info is needed.
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I have honestly never heard of either of your mentioned equipment pieces. I bet that with your continuing advancement in ability, you will be outperforming your equipment by the end of the season. I would probably recommend some forgiving all-mountain type skis for next season. Go ahead and demo some Rossignol B2, K2 Apache Recon, or K2 Apache Crossfire skis. Also, ask some of the techs in the ski shops for some ideas. Another thing to do is go to a good bootfitter for some performance-enhancing boots. You say you are in Colorado, so if you are near Denver, I would recommenend going to Colorado Ski and Golf in Arvada (Wadsworth and 77th) for expert boot-fitting (ask for Dan or Devin). Anyway, good luck with your new passion and always have fun and stay safe on the slopes
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Had Cut 10.4 the first yr i skied , they were ok for beginners on groomers but as soon as you start to increase speed and slope angle and learn more technique --DUMP THEM!!!!

I got out of them in yr 2 and got something much more capable on steeps , hardpack and something that handled speed and inconsistant snow conditions.

Its was like the differance between a Yugo and a real car
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Rossi Cuts are ok with groomers and good conditions. Don't know about the boots. Get yourself some better skis and new bindings. You'll be so glad you did.
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I think the first thing would be to find a decent bootfitting shop in your area, and figure out some new boots, and possibly footbeds. With a better connection to your ski, you might be able to keep the old skis a little longer. The fit of the boots is the primary concern. New skis will also help, but only after you've got a well-fitting modern boot. Good luck.
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