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Sorry, the title is wrong. This was a Prodigy goggle.

I have been using this goggle with a Sensor lens, and it is probably the best flat-light lens I have used. This season, we have been skiing in fog, snow, and clouds almost exclusively, and this lens has made the best of tough conditions. Definition seems to be noticeably improved over the Light Amplifier Scott I was using. Plus, it fits my helmet, unlike most goggles. I did ski it in the sun, and wasn't blinded like I would have been with a yellow lens. The yellow lens lacks the contrast of the sensor as well. I would definitely spring for a Sensor lens if you are using Smith goggles and live in low-light conditions (available in most of the Regulator line, if you don't want to spring for the $115 Prodigy or $135 Phenom (ouch!)).

I did try the new Phenom, and while it looked cool, I wasn't as impressed by the fit. A bit of a gap under the nose for me (I have a big nose, so it may be a problem for quite a lot of people) and visibility was quite a bit narrower than the Disciple. I would stick with the Fuse (similiar volume and width as Phenom, basically an updated Cascade Pro) if you are considering the Phenom-I really don't think it is worth the extra $.