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anyone skied the gotama? i've read at tgr that they can be squirrely at speed, which i doubt. i'm 5'10'' 185lbs. and a strong expert. i want new boards for taking out west, and want something more substantial than my present 178 dynastar inspireds. i'm leaning towards the 183 gotamas, but can get a better deal on last years 190's, but think they may be too big. anyone got any thoughts?
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Get the 183cm. The Gotama is only squirrley if you're comparing it to a 201cm Stockli DP. The 183 will be way more fun in tight places and plenty of ski to straight line chutes if you choose to waste turns. The 190cm would be a lot of fun in open spaces at very high speeds, you could make it work for you in tighter areas but you would have to WORK, the 183 is also a better value if you can use it more, which I think is what you'll find. The 183 is more fun and versatile, the 190 is Big Mountain Powder day only. Just my opinion.
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gotama length

thanks whiteroom, even at a place like jackson or snowbird? i'm also going heli in b.c. next season. you think the 183's would be fine there also?
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