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Volkl AC 3

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I have atomic ETL now and I did a demo AC3's today they were a great pleasure the conditions were wet and raining.The differnce between the two ski's are amazing
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Bill_1, welcome to EpicSki!

Would you care to expand on that a bit? What did they do well, what poorly, and what did you not get a chance to try? Also, some information about you would be helpful for those who may consider the skis...
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Thanks for the welcome. I'm 41 and have been skiing for 2 seasons now. I consider myself an ok skier I go down any groomed hill and i may be able to parallel ski

The snow at dodge was very wet today so i think it was hard to tell all they could do
I could really feel the ski gripping in the turns and very stable as i sped up although fast for me may not be for others. the way they held the snow was far better then my atomics when i turned they griped great my others tended to slid it the same turns. I am concerned of one thing I was reading and the ski is targeted for advanced to expert skiers. witch I do not consider myself I'd hate to spend that kind of money and regret it later. But they did seem very good
There are compared to atomic ETL 168
and rossenol cuts 160 I have a pair of each
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So I went to Park City last week in search of the Legend 8000 in a 165 again (which I really liked last year) and ended up with the AC3 in a 163. I'm 5'5", 170lbs (not fat), 40 years old, level 6/7 skier per the instructor at PC (took a lesson). We had 10 in of fresh snow last Sunday at PC and great new snow all day at Alta last Wednesday. In between yielded terrific groomed runs at PC and Deer Valley. The AC3 is more ski than the Legend - stiffer but still pretty forgiving for a skier like me that still goes into the backseat, especially on steeper runs. For me it blasted through cut up powder but could have floated a bit better in more virgin territory. I found it easy to turn but more work in the bumps than the Legend. On groomers, it inspired confidence. Speed was easy and unlike the Legend, which chattered a bit at higher speeds on groomers, the AC3 was rock solid. For fresh powder, I think the Legend holds the advantage, probably because it's not as stiff and is 5mm wider. For cut powder, crud and groomers, I think the AC3 is the better choice. After reading dawgcatching's review of the 07 AC3, I'm not sure my comments will hold. If they further stiffen the ski, it may move it beyond my abilities or at a minimun, reduce its forgiveness, plus further diminish it's powder capabilities. That would be a shame because it's a very versatile ski as it is now and one I am capable of skiing yet would have plenty of room in which to grow into it.
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This week I'm going to try the 177cm's last week I try'd the 170's but I'm 6'1 at 240lbs so I want to make sure not to get to small a pair the Volkl sizing chart says i should get 177
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At your size I'd recommend the 177cm.

Please be sure and update this after your demo.
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Please keep in mind with my review I've only been skiing 2 seasons as an adult I took an 18yr break

morning hard and icy
afternoon mostly mush

The 177's were very nice the felt like they had more control then the 170
It felt like the whole ski grabbed in the turns and went faster then I have ever gone. but comfortably. on the Ice they held good of course they kind of slid some but it could be me too. I noticed that I needed to pay more attention when skiing with these type due to the change in performance. from my current ones. (not a bad thing) I also try-ed some others to be sure before I buy
K2 recons 177 or 178 not sure I think they were almost as nice as the AC3's but they did not carve as easy. although they were a very stable feeling ski they were very nice
K2 cross fire did not compare to either of the above after 1 long run i returned them

My conclusion
I will buy the AC3 177's the prices are coming down they were $535 with the demo bindings. last week almost $100 more
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The prices should come down considerably, since I've heard that the 07s will be quite different (and very nice, according to the pro rep that I chatted with at Copper this week).
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