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Gathering 2006 Saturday Dinner

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Here's a proposal for folks who want to get together for dinner tonight.

Place: Nacho Mamas - 1821 Sidewinder Dr, Park City - (435) 645-8226
Time: 7:00 PM

Several of us looked into various Main Street locations and none of them could accomodate a larger group tonight. Nacho Mamas over near Prospector Square rose to the top of the list of places likely to be able to handle a larger group of people just drifting in. And it seems to have a good reputation food-wise as well.
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I was too tired to make it to dinner last night and I am staying in the Prospector Complex.

I need to give somebody my cell# too so I don't stay out of the loop. My condo doesn't have wireless ( Currently at Starbucks)
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Dinnerat Natcos will give you a whole new meaning to the term "Fart Bag" come Sunday while skiing the Canyons.
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