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Mid-Fats what Length ?

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Need an expert advice. I'm intermediate longing to advance. I have straight 185 rossies and about to get Dynastar speed X mid-fats. I'm 175lbs and almost 5'8'' and haven't skied much the last couple of years. Research is conflicting but one point is made clear: definitely reduce the length between 170 and 180. One from skireview.com says mid-fats should be anywhere from 10-25cm less than straight skis. Another reviewer formulates that if the new mid-fats are 7% bigger...than reduce the straight skis by 7%...which implies from 185 to 172. The speed X is 100mm at the tip....the old Rossi is 85mm at the tip. One local ski shop tells me to go with the 170 and another tells me to stay around 175. I demoed the rossi mid-fats at 185 and could not control them...they felt huge!
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Will, no guarantees on this being expert advise, but I would DEFINITELY demo a few pair in different lengths and find out what feels best for you.

If you are an intermediate longing to advance, DO NOT buy a pair that you will "grow into". They will be too long at first and will slow your progress. While I mostly agree that the wider a ski is, the shorter (in length) it should be skied, exactly HOW short is completely subjective. A certain length that works for one 5' 8", 175 pound intermediate skier, might not work for another skier of the same ability, size and weight.

I can't say this enough, DEMO, DEMO, DEMO!!!
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First off Will do you mean Speed SX ski's, because if you do they are NOT midfats, they are Carving ski's. Like the Atomic beta carv-x 9.18's . They have a 62mm waist which is fairy small not a midfat for sure. They are excellant carving ski's though. I did check out Dynastars web page to see if they released a Speed X ski but the only Speed ski with X in it is the Speed SX and even there web page says its a carving ski.
In any case you should be looking at a 180 length. But to know what "YOU" like is only done by demoing both 170 and 180 sizes.

5'8" 150 lbs
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The old advice "get something you'll grow into" is crap, and nothing else. I took that advice for years, and it impeded my progress - although I'll admit that a marked lack of talent also played a role. Being 150 pounds at 5'8", I now ski on the Rossi T-Power Cobra X in a 160 cm. Of course, it's made to be skied in that length, but the point is, go with something you can handle without too much sweat and heartburn, and enjoy yourself! If you really do outgrow those skis, you can always trade them in for something more feisty. Life on skis hs been so much more fun snce I stopped buying skis to "grow into" and started buying skis that were the right ones for me - NOW!! From what you've told us, if you have any doubt, go shorter. And by all means, there is no substitute for actually trying out the skis you are thinking of buying. Good luck!<FONT size="1">

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Hey all,
"something you'll grow into..." I think people define that term differently. There's the concept that you at the current state cannot handle the skis, but after time and practice, you will be able to. The other concept is, you currently can handle the skis....you just can't push them to its limits yet...in time you'll be able to. "growing into" i think is a very ambiguous term when it comes to skis....just my 2 cents

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Hi ya'll...thanks! for all the great feedback...you all seem to agree on one thing...'go with what feels comfortable...enjoy the ride...and demo those suckers!' DC9mm...fyi: the Speed X is a 1998 release and a lighter more forgiving version of the Speed SX. It was released again in 1999 as Speed ZX....but not this year. You're right about it being a carver...but Sking Mag. also called it a mid-fat due to its increased tip/tail dimensions. They reviewed it against the Atomic Beta Carvx 9.14 and the Volkl Carver Xcape. Oboe..thanks for the straight talk...I also believe that the next 'feisty' version is still on the racks...it's about having fun now! Hey I'm also considering the Marker SC binding series. I'm not a racer ...yet...so the Turbo M9.1 is out...but what about the 8.2 or the 6.1....any advice ?
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Will- Gill is right. But I might suggest to go with a shaped ski which curls just over your forhead. Rom there you can go up or down a few cm's. I would start with the tip of the ski where it's curve follows the curve of your forhead.
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