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Binding settings

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I have Head Monster m72 skis, 170 cm, with Tyrolia SLD 11 bindings. A few questions for the technical experts out there:

--Can I play with the boot center adjustment myself, or do I need to have a shop do it?

--What is the recommended DIN setting for a 49 year old male, Level II, 5' 9",
175 lbs, boot sole length 305 mm?

--How weight sensitive are the recommended DIN settings?

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You can move the binding fore and aft yourself.

A shop will set your DIN for you.

Weight is only one of the variables for DIN, but it's a significant contributor.
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That DIN chart does not appear to me to be current. It puts me lower than the standard DIN charts that I've used the past two years.
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It put me at an 8.5, which is flat-out asinine at 195 lbs. They need a 3+/race category.
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It puts me lower also. And I go by the chart or else run into workmens comp issues.
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