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Salomon Gun or K2 Apache Outlaw

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I'm an almost expert skier, and spend most of my time in North Lake Tahoe (Squaw and Alpine Meadows).

I prefer to ski off-piste, through trees and other difficult terrain. I don't like the bumps (because I'm not good at them yet), but like everything else. I do spend time on groomers in late March or when the really difficult terrain is a gigantic mogul field.

Anyway, going to buy new skis, and am debating between the K2 Apache Outlaw 174 and the Salomon Gun 175. I'm 5'10, 165.

If anyone has any advice, would appreciate it.
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They're both excellent. In your case I would ski the Outlaw. It will ski better on groomers and is light enough to maneuver through trees. I have the pocket rockets (same as gun) great in powder, not so great on groomers. Also I'd look into the head monster im88. It is a terrific ski from groomers to powder, and even holds its own on ice. Also the elan 777 has gotten great reviews in the magazines and here on epic.

Try using the search function too. Theres lots of info. on both skis.

hope this helps
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outlaw if you must choose between those 2
im your same size and weight and the Gun pissed me off when it wouldnt hold an edge on the harder snow. Absolute blast in the pow though.

why not check out some other skis as well?
mojo 90
volkl mantra
fischer kehua

even the k2 public enemy would fit the bill
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How can you be an "almost expert" and not be good at skiing bumps? That aside, The Outlew has the typical K2 damp feel. Some like others hate it. The Pocket Rockets are another ski that tends to drew out Love it or hate it reviews from most skiers.
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Thanks for the advice. Having not bought skis in seven years, and only demo'ing a few pair this year, what exactly does "damp" mean? On the Volkl Mantra's, I've tried them, but found them to be a bit tough to control. It may have been because they were too long for me, but I'll try the Heads as well and see what they are like.

The answer to your question about how I can be an almost expert but not get down bumps: I can get down single and double diamonds after fresh snow fall; after it gets bumped out, I can get down them, but it ain't pretty. Hence the almost expert. Maybe it should read "almost advanced."
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Damp............Ski lays down well and feels smooth. Does not "snap" or "pop" much when pressure is released at the end of the turn. Opposite of "damp" is "lively" or "energetic" which are not usually described as attributes of a K2.

Here are a few things to consider. The Outlaw has more shape than the Gun and the 167 OL has similar material length and longer running surface than the Gun in 175. Either of these skis is pretty big for everyday use and will not help you in bumps. Naturally, you will get some bennies when the snow is deep and if that is your priority, then you are headed in the right direction.

You might also consider something like the Volkl AC-4 or the Rossi B3 or Atomic M-ex (all 82-84mm waist) as an alternative for an everyday ski. I personally own skis from 67mm - 99 mm wide so I can choose something for any condition. If I has to choose one from that range for all conditions, it would be in the mid-80's. These will allow you to ski powder up to two feet or so (as well as you can ski snow of that depth) but they will still be entertaining when it has not snowed lately.


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