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Salomon Verse 7 or 9?

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Has anyone skiied either of these and can tell me what they thought of them? I believe I am a solid intermediate skier, and I suspect I would quickly outgrow them. But I am a little bit in love with the look of them (01/02's). Any info or advice would be appreciated.
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I would go with the 9 or even the verse 10 pilot, but if you are thinking that you will outgrow them i would look at higher end skis. You might want to look at the Salomon X-Scream 9, K2 Axis, or other slightly higher end skis that will allow for you to grow into them. I have not skied the verse skis at all so i dont know how much growth they would allow you but i skied the X-free 8 and 9 a few years back and wasnt that impressed. If you are skiing out west the verse may be a perfect ski for you but int he east it probly wont have the kind of edgehold that you would be looking for in a ski if you started to move into being a more advanced skier. Just make sure you dont sell yourself short in performance, especially if youre looking to increase your ability.
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