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Reshaping helmets.

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I just bought a Boeri Myto Air helmet, size 62/63. The big, and weird shape of my head forced me to look for a helmet in the strangest black markets even...
So after several months I´m done searching. Yet, this one does´nt fit. The size is correct but my head is the oval shape, so the helmet feels too short and too wide. Does anyone have any idea on how to reshape the helmet? I heard a story of a guy, who had the same problem, used a heated spoon to reshape the filling in front of the forehead. Any tips and/or hints welcome.
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I strongly suggest that you DO NOT reshape the "filling" in front of the forehead with a hot spoon, unless the only reason you wanted a helmet was for looks, and the idea of protecting your head was not even in your mind.

That expanded polystyrene (EPS) high-density foam layer is a critical, FUNCTIONAL part of the helmet that mitigates the deceleration of your skull in an impact. If you compress it--even slightly--it becomes worthless in an impact.

Does the helmet fit your head if you press in on the sides? If so, of course I do not suggest that you should actually try any of the following, nor am I aware of anybody who has, and if anybody did they would of course immediately void the warranty on their helmet, not to mention compromising their own safety. However: if you like to experiment and you are willing to risk ruining your helmet, here is some information that might be of interest.

ABS plastic (coincidentally, the stuff of which the shell of your MytoAir helmet is made) can be reshaped by heating to about the same temperature as boiling water and holding it in a new shape as it cools.

Boiling water shouldn't damage EPS foam, but it might melt any glue holding stuff together and destroy a helmet.

Perhaps the insides of your helmet can be separated from the shell and later replaced without damage--that I really don't know.

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Personally I don´t think the Myto Air look that good... This, however was the only helmet in Finland (YES I´M SURE!) that was the correct size. To answer one of your questions, yes it fits if I press on the sides.
So I´ll take your "boiling water" hint into consideration. Do you know any helmets that don´t need this much customizing : ? I´m really desperate. My head circumference is about 62 and the head shape is extremely oval... As for the Boeri, it´s not too late to take it back to the retailer, and so maybe I could get one from the states or canada, but I don´t think that would be wise.
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Have you ever tried a Briko? All the Boeri helmets I've tried have been too round for my head, and I bought a Briko which is more oval and fits my head well. Largest size they make they call "60X" which I assume is something larger than 60, because they also make that, and I know they have two sizes that are larger than my 58. Good luck.
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The Carrera will fit !! Believe it's the Big Air. Great helmet!!
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I have the same shaped head, all helmets feel too short and too wide. It is funny since most bicycle helmets are oval yet ski helmets all seem to be spherical. I have tried on every brand but the only way they will come close to fitting is when I squeeze the sides of the shell to deform the shape of the helmet. But the closest fit was the Boeri Shorty, the one that looks like like a military helmet but I didn't get it because of its pathetic venting. If you find a suitable solution please post it.
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Ok, now what I´ve heard other peeps with the same problem say, Pro-Tec Freeride, the biggest one ofcourse. Salomon Mach Racing 2, the one that looks like a bathtub on your head. Not that it should matter.
It clearly is discrimination, and the helmet industry makes you feel like an outcast in this world of helmet wearing die-hard skiers. I now realize I´ll never be one...
But then again, there is a counterpoint to this wearing a helmet. Now you´re asking, how can there be a counterpoint???
I say, If I don´t find a helmet that fits during the next month, then hey, ride hard and ride free, until you fall off of cliff and die, and then blame the industry for it!

Thanks for every reply, they really help alot.

Ride safe.
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I have a recommendation, but the helmet manufacturers won't like it as it goes against the fit quality.

Buy a well-ventilated helmet that is too big for your head and then wear a hat (or several layers of hats) underneath it to take up the slack. A well-ventilated helmet will be a must if you do this.

I think it's better to wear a slightly ill-fitting helmet than none at all.

You can always contact the helmet manufacturers and have a custom foam insert made. That is if they are willing to do it.


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A good impact with a solid object like a tree usually is sufficient to reshape the helmet. The manufactures are kinda odd about wanting you to discontinue using the helmet at that time however. Seems like the reshaping causes permanent damage to the helmet and reduces or eliminates its effectiveness as a piece of safety gear.

You really are better off buying a helmet that fits.
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Well the beanie-underneath-the-helmet theory might work, fitwise, but I really think my brains be boiling... And to get a helmet that big is near impossible. I still have´nt tried the Pro-Tec Freeride, which everyone recommends, so I will any day now. This really is exhausting... Still, a gazillion thanks for your help.

-Coneheads Unite-
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Originally posted by Maddog1959:
You really are better off buying a helmet that fits.
Finding a helmet that fits IS the problem. Size is not the issue for me, I seem to be about a meduim, but all medium sized helmets squeeze my forehead and the back of my head while there is still enough room to slide my hands up in the sides of the helmet. Sort of like a boot that crushes your toes and lets your ankle flop around. Large helmets fall all over my head and packing them out wouldn't help. I just need a narrower helmet but they don't seem to exist.
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Kiwiski, sounds like you (and a few others) could use a head reshaping. With all the plastic surgery going on now days you probably could get it done by a pro surgeon, but that would likely cost some real doughand it kind of takes the fun out of it. Or, I could lend you a pair of really big clamps. If you wear then nightly for a year or so and slowly increase the tension I think you will have a pretty good result. Please post pics of the before, during and after! You know how we Bears like to see the whole process.


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I have found a solution... and it´s called ProTec Freeride. This one fits like your grammas knitted ol' toaster! Anyone with the same problem, I suggest you try it!
Thing about this one is that the filling is´nt "polystyrene" but some flexible stuff, I really don´t know. All I care about is that it fits!

Ride safe!
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Hey Maddog- we actually do this several times a month (well, to tell the truth, not in adults, but in infants with craniosynostosis, a congenital skull deformity). I could probably give you a discount on the anesthetic- let me know if you are interested!!!
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