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Ive never been but looking at the Whiteface website this place looks awesome. Best vertical in the east (3000ft), decent amount of glades, and the apperently when the conditions are right they have some ungroomed steep backcountry skiing off the summit. But it seems like this place is never mentioned when discussing northeast skiing. Can someone please explain this too me.
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Whiteface is awesome .But because it has this gnarly rep for Cold weather and is run by NY stae (spartan lodge) and is known as ICEFACE it sometimes gets dissed . Yet the mtn is for real with both serious steeps, cruisers and an off piste area "the Slides" . Lake Placid village is probably one of the best off site venues in the East --lots to do.

GO there by all means --there is something there for everyone including newbies and kids . Wear warm stuff , sharpen your edges , and enjoy one of the East Coast's real mountains !

But then again i'm biased i live near to the Olympic Region of NYS
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Oh and BTW welcome to the Epic forum !! There are lots of knowledgeable skier's at your service here.
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I love Iceface, I have races there all the time. Can't beat it for real, hardcore skiing. Not too many people, either.

With best wishes,
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the ski school director there's a great guy.
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When did they replace Eddie with a real human being???

Sing the song with me....

I went skiing with eddie kriel,
just the other day.
He said "That's NOT the way to turn 'em,
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Vertical is 3166.
Don't know why it's not talked about here.
I skied it for 4 years during my College days.
I did have an incredible 2.5 feet powder day there once.
That mountain helped make me the skier that I am today.
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Originally Posted by Stache
When did they replace Eddie with a real human being???

Sing the song with me....

I went skiing with eddie kriel,
just the other day.
He said "That's NOT the way to turn 'em,
Eddie Rocks.
My dad brought him over from europe in the '60s to work at his school, where eddie's brother, peter, was the AD.
Eddie stayed with us, and used to pop his head into my bedroom at night, after i turned in (i was in the single-digit ages) , and say, in his new and broken english:
"SEEEE yu in ZEEE 'morgen-ing',

Eddie was always one helluva nice guy, and I find it encouraging that he still holds the PSIA with the same disdain shared by me, as even back in those days.....
I gave my PSIA pin to a beautiful east german girl who liked it back when i got my Austrian Lev. II... She was true athlete, even on her feet.
To this day the only instruction-association logo I wear is my Graubunden canton teaching license patch..no metal pins, they attract die blitzen....
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Carbonissimo: ST Lawrence ? Clarkson ? OR OTHER REGIONAL SCHOOL
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71-75 :

Where were You, Warp daddy?
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Hey another BURGHY !!
My eldest did her undergrad work @ PSUC '88 --A really nice school
We had many good friends at the time @ PSUC , nice campus , Carber's ??? Royal Savage etc

I did one of my advanced degrees @ SLU then Worked @ SUNY Canton for 30 yrs as Professor /Dean type, then did an interim presidency @ a small private women's college and retired @52

I retired early to pursue my several interests while still in good enough shape . Best move i ever made altho it was a life long dream to get out early and live life .

Good to talk to another PSUC'er

Have fun!!!

Send some snow east we need it !!
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OK Vlad,
I'll give you that outside the ski school Eddie may be a nice guy. His David Lee Roth "Just a Gigolo" on the Stomach Steinway is HUGELY entertaining to laugh at. Although I understand they canned him at Craig Woods and last rumor I heard is that "Spike" left him too. I worked for him one winter and as a SSD of an American SS he is sorely lacking.
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Back to the mountain...

It is worth 1 , maybe 2 days, and you'll have fun. Explore the entire mountain, you won't regret it. And LP is indeed a charming little town, but again for 2 days, no mas.
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd back to eddie kriel:

yep- eddie's from the old schule, all right. I can imagine he might be a bear to work for, as are many SSDs in Europe.
euro schools tend to go about managing differently, and germans can be the toughest bosses out there.
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Please talk about your BF "Eddie" in your pm's. Thread jacking... not cool
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not a thread jack. eddie was the director there for a long time.
take your control issues to the PMs, and allow conversation, both virtual and en vivo, evolve naturally.
relax and smile more
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Whiteface has more than 3000 feet of vertical. When you hike off the summit chair to the "slides" it is 3640' of vertical. I have skiied whiteface many mnay times and the slides have only been open 5 times! That part of the high peaks region does not get to much snow usually and gets very very cold. When Whiteface does get blasted by a good storm it is the place to be in the east by far!!! The slides are 1000' sustained vertical feet of 36 to 42 degree skiing. Only a fifteen minute hike from the chair as long as the trail is broken allready.
it does have some nice steeps inbounds as well. The mountain itself is about 15 to twenty minutes form the town of Lake Placid (very fun nightlife in town though) which has alot to do. Wait for a good storm and head out. Gore Mtn should be getting some good snow the next couple of days. Wednsday is going to be the day to be at Gore! Pow Pow
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oddly, i haven't skied iceface since i was but a bairn'.
i could never rationalize driving west to the 'dacks when mansfield and the front four were a quick hop from port kent, and the unparalleled partying of burlington beckoned. (oh, yeah- i always liked the monopole in p-burgh, but burlington truly rocks, goat and national beckon far too strong, and the ben and jerry's factory (& their 50 cent factory seconds pints) have always sealed the deal. that being said, i haven't been to either n. vermont or the 'dacks since the eighties
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(oh, yeah- i always liked the monopole in p-burgh, [/quote]

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We always make an annual trip there and have always had a great time. Checked in yesterday at the Golden Arrow and will be hitting the slopes tomorrow and Wednesday. Getting some snow up here now hopefully will be good.
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo
(oh, yeah- i always liked the monopole in p-burgh,

Becks' pitchers and wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!
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whiteface is burley.
but its a really really fun hill for someone who races, or just likes ripping around. they dont have any great park or anything for snowboarders.
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They got a foot of ADK Lite last night. Everything is open except the Slides.
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Its a great hill---and the town of Lake Placid is just as nice.

---The f--ing coldest place on Earth though and I dont post much F. About 2 yrs ago..purchased a lift ticket--they gave me a discount as only 1/2 the hill was open. Why? -50F wind at midstation. Near -100 at the top. It was one run and get warm....next run, repeat. Cold chair lift ride followed by colder decent. Plastic boots.....

---Some 1-3 yrs back---30 inchs of fluffy powder fell in one night. I know the West gets this often, but not East. The night it was snowing you could take hot water and toss it out the window and it would turn to snow--very light snow by the time it fell to the ground. This was light powder. I dont think any resort on the East has had a powder day like that one---ever. I skied with a lady who has been at White Face for 30+ yrs..she skis it 2-3 times a week, she advised this was the best she had seen. I was happy to be with her.

Ski Whiteface. Its good. And there are some darn good racers there, all under 12 it seemed like.
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo
I did have an incredible 2.5 feet powder day there once.
That was in 74'.
Hey Greg,maybe that was before her time.
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Is Horst Weber still alive? At NYSEF?
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It just got a couple of real nice shots of lake effect snow!

I took my family to Lake placid a few winters ago--It was great--normal hotel rates (skied and stayed at the hilton)-good, normal priced restaurants-lots of fun/family off hill activities (I liked hauling around the speed skating rink and the 30 foot toboggan chute that launches you and your kids out onto the frozen Mirror lake is also a great time!).

The skiing is Adirondack Hard--the Dacks are much younger (higher, ridgier, rockier and more dramatic) mountains than the Greens and the skiing reflects this. The 'resort' does still have that Soviet-Era aesthetic in it's services and buildings. Snow Making-though the capacity is there-can be a little bare-bones (if not down right parsimonious--hey, it's on the State's Tab afterall--I'm glad there budget conscious somewhere). But there are legitimate steeps and for about 2 weeks every season the slides-cliffs area serves up one of the best ski opportunities in the east--but timing is critical!

All in all-a good vacation spot (Gore a little to the south is also worth a visit).

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Originally Posted by highpeaksdrifter
They got a foot of ADK Lite last night. Everything is open except the Slides.
What does it take to open the Slides?
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I went to school at St. Lawrence which is a two hour drive from Whiteface. I got a pass there for two years and had some great skiing days and some downright terrible ones. And trust me, when Whiteface is bad, its bad. Windblown sheet ice at the top and negative temperatures. However, if it really is that bad when you go there is plenty of other activities to do in Lake Placid, just a great town. So I would recommend going, but don't say I didn't warn you.
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That was in 74'.
Hey Greg,maybe that was before her time

I did say----30+ years. Beleive it or not----I dont---but its been 31. YIKES. :
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