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167cm Dynastar Intuitiv 71s w/Looks - $200

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167 cm Dynastrar Intuitiv 71 Skis (109-71-100) with Look Pivot 10 Bindings. Minor scratches only, repaired and skis hand tuned and waxed. I have maintained the factory recommended bevel of 1 degree bottom / 2 degree side. Skis have only been used about a dozen times and have never been ground, so they have lots of life left in them. $200 plus shipping (Will consider selling skis without the bindings.) Maufacturer's rap below.

The 2004 Dynastar Intuitiv 71 Alpine Ski utilizes Dynastar's proven race construction. This mid-fat carver does it all—it's built to haul and is best ridden by advanced and expert skiers. Dampening laminates make for a vibration-free ride, letting you roll it over, step on it and accelerate away. The Intuitiv 71 was awarded a Gold Medal in Ski magazine's 2004 test, so you know it can do the job. With a 109mm shovel and 71mm waist, this all-mountain shredder can handle its fair share of bumps, crud and fresh snow.

Bottom Line: This ski just feels right.

The Look P10 Lifter binding is a popular choice for modern shape skis. Lifters under the binding provide the necessary lift to take advantage of the sidecuts todays shaped skis have. The Look Pivot bindings benefit from light weight, and offer precise control and response. A perfect match for Dynastar models requiring Look bindings, or any other ski. Sliding AFC Plus technology helps to keep minimize variations in toe release values.

• DIN Range: 3-10
• Double Pivot Concept
• AFC Plus sliding toe design
• 25mm elastic travel, Full drive toe
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Hey, come on! These are really great skis at a really good price. They were my wife's but she only weighs 120 and they had a little too much snap for her. I skied exactly the same ski and they are a first class ride. I know someone out there needs them. They are in excellent shape. I couldn't sleep at night if I sold them any cheaper.
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Mudfoot, a friend of mine (not a member here) interested in these. A couple of questions:
* What is the extent of "repair"/scratches? Any chance to get a pic?
* What boot size is the binding mounted for?
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eug: I don't have my wife's alpine boots here right now, but her AT boots are 275 mm. She should be home with the other boots shortly.

The Look heels are adjustable, but I don't know how far. The bindings were mounted 1 cm forward from center, which is where my wife has always done her bindings. So you could adjust the heels back to fit a slightly larger boot without remounting them or messing up the position.

I do not have a digital camera, but the base scratches are all very minor. No rock shots or anything beyond regular skiing wear. I tune them myself and I'm pretty anal about repairing every little scratch. I have tuned and waxed them after every 2 or 3 days of skiing. They have really only been skied 7 or 8 days and all the scratches are superficial. I'll give them another diamond edge tune, p-tex, and wax job. If I take pics after I tune them you will not be able to tell that the bottoms aren't new.

If pics are an absolute requirement I'll see if I can borrow a camera, but I'm heading out the door to Crested Butte in about and hour, so I cannot get to it until at least Monday. Let me know if you need any more info.
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how are conditions in the high country around DGO, mudfoot?
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eug: They were mounted to boots that are 282 mm.
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Mudfoot, let me relay the info. You are gone until Monday and not checking the board over the weekend, correct?

If you could let me know (if you can) how much adjustment is available on the heel.
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eug: I'm not sure about the range of adjustment. The specs say "25 mm of elastic travel", but I don't know what that means. I'll be back Sunday night and not able to check the board until then.

Uncle Crud: The high country here is extremely wierd. Storms have dumped large amounts in one spot and completely missed things a mile away. We have also had a lot of high wind. It is extremely hit and miss. Fortunately Telluride has done pretty well the last month. If you blunder into the backcountry you may find almost anything on any aspect, depending on what drainage you are in.

How are things in my old home town? Getting some good turns in at the Bowl this season?
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mudfoot you have PM.
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