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need help on ski sizing

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i'm male, about 5'8", 200lbs and i'm a pretty basic skiier. i've only rented skis before so i'm not sure what size i need exactly, last year i used 140cm's but i've gotten taller, i'm guessing i need about a 160cm, i dont know though and i dont want to end up buying the wrong size skis and poles. i'm probably going to buy them on ebay from a seller i was recomended http://cgi.ebay.com/Rossignol-Development-Cut-Stage-2-Skis-160cm_W0QQitemZ7215146246QQcategoryZ1303QQrdZ1QQcm dZViewItem if anyone could shed some light on the correct sizes, i'd be very grateful. i know i should go with a boot about one half size bigger than my shoe size right? also, are demo bindings safe to use? some auctions say the skis come with demo bindings, what exactly are the differences?
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I would say 170 cm.
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If memory serves, the "Cut" was a beginner ski and at 200 pounds, probably a little short for you.

If you didn't win the bid, next time post a few other details, like where you ski and ..... well .... "average skiier" .... that's kinda relative ... like what is an "average neutron bomb" ... ?

I'd tend to be a bit more specific.
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I'm about your size, ski at level 8. I have two pairs of current skis; 170cm all mountain from last year and 160cm carvers that I demoed last year, but haven't skied yet this year as the snow cover has been thin. I can't see ever going over 170cm again as the shorter skis are just more fun. Somewhere in that range should be good for you, with maybe a leaning toward the shorter length at this stage. You should get an intermediate ski though as it will take some time to out grow it. Once you get up around level 6-7, you may want to consider a higher end ski in the same length range.
The Cut is a low end ski and you may out grow it quickly. Your best bet may be to find a demo shop, let them make recommendations, try them until you find some you like, then buy the demo ski in March at the end of the season. That's how we got the last pair for my wife and paid half the new price.
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i think at your level, height and weight those skis will be fine for you, especially at the price you paid. you may outgrow them quickly, but that's okay. enjoy.
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i went ahead and bought skis and boots from theavsgroup on ebay, i got them today, and for the money, i am pleased, they were ex-rentals, but the bottoms have only some light scratches, and the boots had a few scratches, everything was in good functioning order. i'll get a chance to test them out on friday, i can have them adjusted at the mountain. i'm just waiting for my ski poles to get here, i bought new scott synergy poles, also from ebay, though from another seller.
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nooo way you guys are nuts..
go on a 175 dude.

on a 160 you'll die. unless they are some kind of steel plated skis that are retarded stiff.

get a 170-175.

i'm on 185 gs ski's and i can turn them easier than anything. and i'm 5'9 165 lbs.
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tried them out today, they worked great going down the runs at Big Boulder. if you were there and happened to see a kid in a clown costume snowboarding, i was probably right behind him
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For ski sizing, you need to balance the skiing ability of the skis and the size of the ski against the skiing ability of the skier and the size/weight/strength of the skier. A top level ski in a shorter length is about equal to a mid level ski in a longer length. (I know, they will ski very differently, but that's where the demo runs come in.) I'm 6', 210#, black-diamond skier, and ski on top-line 170s.

For boots, forget all about the printed size. Pull the liner out and put your foot in. If you have about 1 to 1-1/2 finger widths of space behind your heel with your toes against the edge, the liner is a good size. There's much more to boot sizing, but this is always the starting point.

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