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When to Sell

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Dear Barking Bears:

I'm looking to reducing my quiver in order to make room for some new skis this fall. Have about 5 pairs to list for sale here, on Ebay, or other best option.

Extra Skis in my quiver are:

99/00 190 Volkl Vertigo G40
99/00 198 Atomic 10.20
99/00 195 Salomon X Scream Series
01/02 191 Volkl Vertigo Motion
01/02 190 Volkl Explosive V Ski

Have no idea as to appropreiate price or best method to reduce quiver. Would really like some advice on how to reduce my quiver and the best way to get a fair reasonable price. When is the best time this fall????

Thanks to all;

Jim from Idaho
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id say november until january would be a great time to sell. Ebay is usually chucked filled with ski auctions, and they all get overbid, and people pay way to much. I bought some used skis last year, sold em in april after 20 days of skiing for hte same price i paid. I would say know is one of the worst times to sell.
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When you get around to pricing, let us know. I'd be interested in the G40s.
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