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Traveling to Tremblant

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Hi to all. Myself and three other friends are going to Tremblant next Sunday for 4 or 5 days. Can anyone suggest a good place to stay. We are hoping for a package deal; skiing, breakfast, and lodging. We are hoping for ski in ski out.

thanks for your time,

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Hey SJ,

You're going to be arriving during a busy time - I think a lot of resort hotels have been booked already.

Anyway.... ranked in order of expensiveness in each category

Breakfast included places:

Hilton (booked full I think)
Country Inn

Closest to Gondola for Ski-in/ski-out:

Fairmont (WAYY expensive)
Sommet des Neiges (Expensive, but not as expensive as Fairmont)


La Chouette

There are some Sunstar resorts that are also good.. but they're really far away from the Village... and if you've never been to Tremblant, it's worth it to stay in the Village. (Le Chamaleau)... Also, if you don't stay near the Gondola, you can use the ski valet service. I heard it's only $5/set a night to leave your equipment at the base of the Gondola.
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Here's a friendly little place with the local scoop.
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Many thanks, I will look at your suggestions

Thanks Slider. Why is it so busy? Something big going on? How is the snow? We can't wait to get there.
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Ever since the strike our little chat line caught on fire. I don't ski Tremblant since I live on the West coast however I hear there skiing is very good right now. Here is some more info. sorry I haven't updated cams,ect lately. http://www.tremblant-insider.com
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The Crepe place, Catherine got written up in Ski a few years ago so it is sometimes way to crowded for dinner. It's always my favorite for a late breakfast before bugging out for the drive home.

The Swiss place has killer fondu.

The pizza place that's lower in the village with the square pizzas is my fave pizza there. It's on the left walking down the hill most of the way down.

Beaver Tails puts Waffle Haus to shame 1000 times over.

The mexican place is fine if you like tex-mex style Mexican.

Boddington drafts at the Bulleyes are my favorite apres ski bev. Also the great for grilled stuff like burgers, steak sandwhiches.

Cocopazza indeed is supurb fine italian.
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