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Gathering 2006 Day One.

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The Bears were well represented at Snowbasin today.
Conditions were foggy at the top to flat light to a little sun toward the bottom. The snow was in great condition. I'll let others chime in on thier day at my favorite Utah mountain.
Tomorrow Deer Valley better clean my Rolls Royce SUV Don't want the ski valets to think I was tacky with a dirty Rolls.
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And a great time was had by all....

I think my nickname today was "auger in". I guess it was the flat light, but I was on my head more than once today. Bob and Paul managed to see a real dandy. Ever heard of a cold seaking missile???

What a fun time with a great group of folks!!!

Could anybody with images of today (still or video) PLEASE e-mail them to I've got broad band so don't worry about size too much!


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Utah Passholders:

The $19 Canyons deal has been extended to Feb. 16th! It's good for the gathering on Sunday.
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Thanks for posting that Jim. I should be able to panhandle $20.00 by then.
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Fantastic day at Snowbasin even considering you couldn't see where you were going half the time. Great to ski with Incahoots, Utah49, Elk Mountain and Ski3PO. Great conversation and a great turnout. It was my pleasure to meet Lonnie & wife, Steelman, Bob Peters, Frau and many others who's names escape me. I look forward to Deer Valley tomorrow on my last ski day for this trip.

Lonnie I have a few pics that I will email on Sunday. Thanks again to all for a great time and Frau has my proxy vote for next years location as I will be absent Monday.
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Letting the cat out of the bag...

It's a music video!

So here's the deal. In about 15 mins, after my file finishes uploading, you girls and guys can see the "rough draft" of the some pics and video from today at Snowbasin. The pics are from me and Bob. Please don't hesitate to send me more stuff though, as it's very easy to switch out scenes. I would like to get pics of as many folks as I can in there....

Beware, this isn't for dial up. It's about 50 megs. I'm going to cut a lo-rez version for those folks I might also tweak the resolution of the current one to make it a bit smaller. So I figure we can keep it there until we use up my designated bandwidth (which I have no idea how much I have.) Hopefully I'll find somewhere to host this at at later date....

The tune is "The Bare Necessities" by the band "bowling for soup". I thought it was kinda niffty since this is the "barking Bear" forums.....


EDIT: Somthing bombed and I'm too tired to figure out what. Keep checking it will be there soon....

Edit2: I compressed it down to a 10 meg "low-rez" version. I'm going to have to do some tweaking to get it where I want it...

Edit3: Here's a higher rez one. 20megs. The Bare Necessities I'm beat and hitting the bed...
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Ditto great day despite the weather! Lonnie you'll be happy to know that I provided 2 excellent starfish of my own on friday as well (still sore). I will have some pics for you on Sunday. I am going to make it to DV tomorrow as well and will take more photos and post them asap. Thanks to all
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Originally Posted by Lonnie
It's a music video!

Edit3: Here's a higher rez one. 20megs. The Bare Necessities I'm beat and hitting the bed...
What a hoot! I skied Snowbasin earlier in the year and saw the bear and the moose. Alas, I missed many of the Bears your video features--thanks for doing and sharing! And great soundtrack too!
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I finally got the "hi-rez" version up at (it's really not the hi-rez version as I had to compess it down to 20 megs from 50 megs). Original resolution is 640x480, I'd click that one....

The Bare Necessities

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Originally Posted by Lonnie

I finally got the "hi-rez" version up at

Very nice, Lonnie. I give it !

I didn't realize until looking back at the photos how really, really flat the light was yesterday. It's too bad so many of the Bears who had never visited Snowbasin didn't have a chance to actually see very well.

Skiing by braille - always an interesting proposition. :

Anyway, I had a great time. Excellent turnout. Better visibility would probably have helped us keep the groups together a little easier, but I really enjoyed it.

The whole day reminded me again of how much I like Snowbasin. Many, many thanks to Ben Lomond for guiding us around in the morning. He found us some very nice (and sometimes quite dense) untracked snow.

All y'all have a wonderful time the next few days.
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How did you do that, Lonnie? It's very cool!!!!

It was great meeting and skiing with the Bears at Snowbasin. I only regret that we spent so much time touring housing developments in north Ogden when we could have been meeting more of you.

Bob Peters was a terrific guide, finding us nice lines when most of the surface conditions were windchapped monkey snot. Snowbasin is a great area. The gondola rides were fun and the jokes were good.

Thank you for the memories, Lonnie. (The song rocks too.)
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lonnie, great video and thanks for taking the time to put it together.
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BRAVO! No kidding, that's a fabulous video!

Thanks for sharing. It looks like you all had a great time.

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Awesome, Lonnie! And thanks for walking Giselle!
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I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I'm going to repost this in the main skiing forum as I don't think as many people check this one. You'd be surprised how easy it was to put together. If anybody that was there would like a CD copy of the video (full rez) and the raw pics, let me know via e-mail or PM. We work something out. I'd require a small fee for materials and postage ($2-$3). Bob, you get one for free for providing so many GREAT pics.

Lisamarie, I enjoyed walking Giselle. It was no problem and she's a great dog....

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Phil wants to know what software you used, Lonnie. Care to divulge?

We have the same camera as you, so he figured he might be able to do cool stuff like this if he had the software.
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No problem...

It's a bit pricy if you buy it out of the box ($99.95). Mine wasn't that much ($29.95) since a earlier version came with my new computer. The demo version lets you use up to 50 pics and 3 videos (I think) and doesn't have as many "styles" as the full version, but I'd still start with that one, as it's free (for 14 days)...

On the plus side, it's SO EASY to use, you'll be surprised....

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Thank you, Lonnie. And thank you for making that muvee, I sent it to the girls so they could see what mom and dad did on their winter vacation.
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Lonnie, We need to submit that for next years Sundance Film Festival
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Outstanding job Lonnie. I wish I'd gotten there a day earlier.
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Originally Posted by Utah49
Lonnie, We need to submit that for next years Sundance Film Festival
Yeah, that's got to be better than some of the stuff my friends sat through....

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