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finding radius D.I.Y.

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Does anyone know the formula for calculating the radius of a ski ? I assume you need tip,waist & tail dimensions along with length (or chord length ) . HELP!!! I've got about 20 pairs to calculate!!!
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Hi waxman
Welcome aboard. I think we had this discussion and decided no real easy way however,

and http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c&f=1&t=000734
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It is in many of the standard skiing books, including "The Physics of Skiing".

It has been discussed on this forum many times before, so spending a few minutes doing a search within Epicski would have also turned it up. This was the very first hit I found:

For an external web reference, go to:

Tom / PM
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If you contact me I will be glad to e-mail you my excel spreadsheet that I have used to mess around with a lot of data. I am not sure how AC can get us in touch, but I am sure he can
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norefjell and Waxman56
you can PM (private messages) each other to exchange emails. PM's are not visible to anyone else.
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FIS has an "official method. I have it on "my documents" I can't get it onto my reply. :
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If you are trying to link to your documents it can't be done because you need some sort of web server to post a picture or link. Is it a graphic or text. If it is text, you can open the document in the wordprocessor of your choice and select the text you want to copy then copy and paste it into your reply.. Be aware if it is an official FIS document you may be violating copyright by doing this so if you can find the document online, link to it rather than copying it.
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