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Originally Posted by vlad
ummm...i never said 'hands...tucked into the arms'.....hands on the shoulders attitude IS crossed arms....
this sounds eerily PSIA-esque....
i think i need to shower.....:
I'm sorry; I misunderstood your comment.
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Steve, thanks for your input here! Everyone, this has been very helpful! I have lots of things to work on this week. Poles...no death-grip...no poles...no fears....hmm...I think this may take a little longer than a week!
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Of course, if we get a chance to make some turns, it'd be easier for me to help!
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Vlad and Rick, I'd have made you proud today! I got tired of doing homework so I retreated to Loveland and celebrated "ski without poles' day. Wow, what a fun time! Really made me more aware of how the lower part of your body needs to do most of the work while keeping the upper part relaxed and not doing 'the twist!' I started on groomed greens (whee!) and worked my way up to ungroomed blues. Keeping the poles horizontal in front of me made me also focus on looking farther down the hill and certainly more aware of my upper body position. Last run--the celebration!--was down my favorite, sans poles, and it felt good to just relax and ski. Lots of grin factor today, for sure!
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First thing in the morning I take a couple of runs with my left pole in my right hand and visa versa.
It really makes a difference.
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How do you keep your hand with reference to the pole strap? If it's under and over - you can almost just as easily not hold your poles; try planting them with a flick of the wrist and opening the palm, so that you only hold it between the thumb and the forefinger at the moment when it touches snow. If tucking, hold it with the base of your thumb and the pinky; put the forefinger on the top of the pole. Finally, try skiing whil holding your poles as one stick in front of you - like a handlebar. Such exercises will give you more confidence and the poles will become extensions of your arms, rather than inanimate objects that you can't let go of.
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