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fourth set of holes for a pair of volkl karmas?

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so I have this issue caused by this dumbass at a ski shop in colorado. basically the story is that I bought the ski with one set of marker holes on it but had to drill another for my smaller boot length. then my markers started to pre-release and almost killed me cause they're shit even set at 12. so i went into a ski shop that was supposed to be knowledgeable and this guy recommended going with a pair of rossi axial 120 2005's. good binding choice i realize but the ******* didn't tell me cause they had already been drilled twice before they were going to have to mount them 1cm behind the center point. you could tell me i am full of shit but I really think these things ski like crap now, always too far back on the tail which is already soft, and they suck at initiating small radius turns now. decent in the powder though. any way, as you can tell I am pretty pissed off about this and am trying to figure out what to do, cause I have to do something. by the way, these skis have only had 20 days on them.
so do I; buy another pair of shitty markers, or just risk it and drill another set of holes in the skiis. basically I am wondering if another set of holes is going to make them softer than they already are with the axial on there. I also know that they are more apt to break if I do this, but anyone know if this is a minor or major risk. I am almost ready to take the chance if the ski will respond better. thanks for checking out this novel of a post.

if i should just use the old binding mount holes for the markers, which markers should I get that won't pre-release and kill me?
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The new marker bindings work just fine. The old marker bindings with the short toe wings are the ones that kept pre-releasing. IMHO I like Markers and I don't think there is anything wrong with their new bindings. Another option for you would be Salomon or Look. I never owned a Look or Rossi binging so I can't speak from experience. The biggest change you are noticing in your ski is the mounting position. 1cm behind is great for deep days not so much for other times.
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1) Don't drill again. It will begin to affect the structural integrity and flex of your ski.

2) What some here call "prereleases" are probably saving a lot of knees. That said, the new Markers are a bit more elastic. Better to use the old holes again with a new version than go with a slightly better powder binding and further ruin your skis.
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thanks. these occasions were definitely pre-releases for me. doing 55+ down the beaver creek downhill course my ski just fell off at a din of 12. that shouldn't happen from my racing experience. the ski's were fine at that speed actually, the boot just slipped out to the side on a toe piece pre release. almost died, landed a few feet away from a tree. definitely a wake up call. I had an 02 marker 1200 on there. is this what you would go with, having to use a marker?
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