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Help a gearaholic

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OK, I've spent waaay too much on me this season, so I need to indulge my habit by upgrading Mrs. Tag's quiver.

Background info: She is an upper intermediate - lower advanced skier (she still skids more than she carves) who will ski fast on blue groomers all day if I didn't drag her to other parts of the mountain. She hates ice (hey, don't we all?) and could ski powder and crud, but she panics and forgets her technique. She currently skis on a Rossignol Viper XL in a 167 for her corduroy cruising and loves 'em and has a pair of Rossi Bandit B2W in a 160 she uses whenever there is a bit of snow on the ground. The Bandits did not go over well when first tried last year (too heavy - too much work), but this year, with all the deep snow at Copper, she has discovered just how nice it is to have a 'powder' ski and wants her Bandits when the snow is falling. This year she actually enjoyed skiing the bowls with her Bandits (YES!!!! I'm out of the doghouse!). Finally she is 5'-2", @135 lbs and athletic, but not agresive on the ski hill.

I'm thinking about changing out the Vipers and would like to have her demo some skis. After switching to the Volkl/Marker system myself, I've become a bit of a convert for the integrated binding apprroach and that has become my main focus for moving her onto a different pair of skis. She has also hinted that the 160 length of the Bandits is quite appealing and it would be nice to have her 'other' ski also be that short. Looking for something under a 70mm waist since the Bandits have the over 70mm covered.

So, short list to demo:
Fischer Vision 50
Volkl Attiva 5 star
K2 Burnin' Luv

Any thoughts, comments, reviews from folks that have used these skis? Any suggestions about length? By her height and today's standards, she should probably be on a 155, but I think she has the strength and weight to drive a longer ski and I get concerned about stability at speed on something as short as a 155.

Thanks for the feedback.
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I would add Head Fastthang and Atomic Balnanze 11 to your list.
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