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I have thought long and hard about it, but at the end of the day: in 25 years of skiing (at about 50 days a year for the past 15) I have only ever had 1 auger that ended in concussion and stitches on the top of my ugly noggin. I ski a lot of steeps and generally ski very fast. Just another piece of kit to carry around, and how do you do without the wind in your hair you guys. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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A former hold out, I wear a Boeri Axis. I'm so accustomed to it, I'd feel naked skiing without it. Comfort is the key. I only don't like to have it get sweaty, but a napkin in the lodge aborbs most of that. In warmer weather, I'd mind more, so I'll look for an effective warm weather helmet. My son finds his Leedom uncomfortable and it's hard for me to convince him to keep it on. I pay for auto insurance hoping and believing I'll never need it - but I have it just in case. I always wear a seatbelt in my car - same reasoning. Let's face it: Skiing moves us along faster than walking or running and so exposes our precious noggins to potential trauma. In addition, I feel that in the trees, they prevent accidents by protecting the head from unexpected impacts from branches. So whether or not it would save a life is only part of the question. I see more and more skiers on the slopes wearing helmets. For years I did not wear one and did not have a mishap because of it. For years I did not regularly use seatbelts in my car and did not have a mishap because of it - but I still use the seatbelts all the time now, and I wear a helmet all the time now. So there.
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Just got one this year, already came in handy.

It is warm, does affect my hearing just a bit but in just over a month I feel naked without it.
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I've had a Boeri shorty for about 4 or 5 years.

I don't wear it as much as I used to because it is heavy and hot, and the black lid doesn't help. I need to find myself a lighter, cooler helmet. But otherwise, I love wearing a helmet rather than a hat.
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The Giro Nine.9 may not be the only one, but it has removable vent plugs and removable ear pads (the shell itself doesn't extend over the ears). So, while it's plenty warm enough now, it should also be cool enough in the spring. I'll let you guys know in April!

Bottom line: I bought this one, because it was the most COMFORTABLE one I tried on - I don't even realize I'm wearing it.
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Boeri Shorty Air, 3 yrs now.
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I used to wear a helmet as a kid then sort of dropped wearing one. But I must admit that I am looking around again to get one. It just is another safety factor and anything can happen so it's best to keep the risks at a minimum. The helmet definately helps.

On the other hand, I skied with a local guide in Cham last year. We didn't wear helmets and he was strictly against wearing helmets. Why? - Well, he said that in challenging terrain you must ski in a manner that you will definately NOT fall. Therefore no helmet is necessary. Besides he felt that people wearing helmets take more risks. I don't really agree and a few weeks later a friend of mine knocked his head on a kicker and didn't remember a thing afterwards - neither his name, nor the resort he was skiing in, nor the day. Funny enough it was April 1st and when we gave him a note with his name, b-day, current date (i.e. April 1st) and resort name he thought we were playing an April's fool joke on him. Funny in a way, but it could have ended up more seriously. He was allright after a few days again.

Anyway, my point is that wearing a helmet is a good idea and I will go back to wearing helmets again. As already mentioned in the previous posts it's definately also an example for young kids!
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I have two helmets now. I started wearing a K2 Full Auto last season. When the spring came it did get a bit warm. I could remove the earflaps and that helped but with only two vents in front and a couple exhaust ports me noggin got toasty.
I just picked up a Giro 9 for this spring. Very comfortable and probably would work great in the winter too. But with the removable vent plugs and earflaps it is going to be very comfortable in the spring time. I would recomend this helmet for all year use.
My only reservation is that it is a micro-shell like me bike helmet. Have to be a bit more careful transporting and storing it than my hardshell K2.
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Carrera Kicker - started wearing it last April. It has remained on my head every ski day since.
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I got a non-vented Boeri about 3 years ago. My head gets pretty warm, and I perspire a lot. The liner is starting to stink, and I can't wash it. Maybe it's time to get a new helmet?
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It is true that a helmet will not prevent certain injuries like traumatic deceleration caused by your body hitting a tree and stopping while your head keeps going thus snapping your neck. And maybe it may induce a false sense of well being. But...
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The same debates are carried on in cycling discussion groups. So far I have yet to see a posting where someone threw their helmet away because it caused an injury.

A cyclist helmet joke:

What do they call the cyclist who was not wearing a helmet when he gets to the emergency room? "The donor".

(thanks SkiKing)

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PowderJunkie:

A cyclist helmet joke:

What do they call the cyclist who was not wearing a helmet when he gets to the emergency room? "The doner".

Donor maybe?
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Picked up my first one last season.
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pearl white boeri myto.... quit tryin to be like me, heluva.....
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Been using helmet for the last couple of years.I have now my second helmet going. It had three impacts on it before I changet it.
1 Dropped it ,(while putting it on...) fell 50m down the slope. Came to an arrest when hitting a stone...
2.Mirror fell on it (at home).Both were okay, neither broke...
3. Ran into a stone at high speed when boarding. In the evening had a sore neck and found a large dent in the helmet. Had presumeably hit the second stone when tumbling down the couloir.After that i decided to get a new one. The helmet had done its part...
Wearin a backarmour aint a bad idea either. If skiing steeps or jumpin in parks. Couple of days ago I landed partially on the top of the pipe. End tip of the skis penetrater the jacket and shirt and made
quite an concussion on my spinal cord. I wonde what would´ve happened without the backarmour.
Its wery true that helmets doesnt help in the most serious crashes. But nowadays when all the protecting equipement are made quite comfortable, im prepared to use them. I dont gamble when I´m skiing/boarding, but if/when the sh*t hits the fan I like to keep the odds on my side.
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a couple years ago i had a pretty bad fall (concussion, whiplash, and sprained neck) i have yet to get a helmet but i am definetly considering it since i got a second concussion last spring playing soccer (i'm a goalie. dove out to make a save and got kicked in the head) this year i've been skiing faster and pushing my limits more than ever so now i'm just saving up for that helmet
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My last word:

Pros -
I can hear fine;
Warm in winter;
Cool in spring;
Makes my goggles fit better;
Protects my head.

Cons -
Costs $125.

OK, my LAST last word:
I've taken a serious fall off my bike only once in almost 50 years of riding. Panic stop in the middle of a downhill sweeper at only 25 mph. Locked up the front wheel. Flew over the bars, landed on my hip and upper arm and then wacked the back of my head on pavement. I was wearing a helmet. The foam liner cracked, but I didn't even have a concussion. I firmly believe the helmet SAVED MY LIFE! I had to get a new helmet, but my wife didn't have to get a coffin.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!
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I DO!! Was glad I had it on while bushwacking on Chicago Ridge yesterday!!

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4th Season. It has saved me a couple of times. Most recenlty, on a bailed/badly executed 360, I rung my bell, but luckily had the helmet. If not, I would have a bad concussion...ugly. Love my brain bucket!!
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No helmet.
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I picked up a nice Leedom for $49 at Costco a few years ago. Just last Saturday I was pointing out the scratches in it to an 11-year-old. Those scratches would have been rips in my scalp, dudes, so if you like to be in eastern glades, do the helmet. Also, keeps my head warm without the itch of wool, and when I cruise with the vents open, it cools me off. I guess I should mention the obvious brainpan on hardpan possibility, but protection against punji sticks in the glades after eastern ice storms has been the big deal for me, and, again, climate control. My 13-year-old and all his buddies wear them because they have become cool what with the graphics and all, and I am grateful, believe me.
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No helmet (yet?).

I hate having a helmet on my head. I rode motorcycles for years and always hated wearing the helmet (but it was mandatory). When I started mountain biking, I tried to use a helmet, but I hated it. Needless to mention, I don't in-line skate with a helmet either. Maybe it is just me (or the shape of my head), but I really don't like the feeling of wearing a helmet and I truly hate the strap around my neck.

I never thought that skiing would require a helmet, but in the last few years everyone seems to think that we need the protection. I am getting worried that the day will come when wearing a helmet on the slopes will be mandatory. I already see people saying that instructors should be required to wear a helmet to set the right example. Another person mentioned body-armour. Makes one wonder, doesn't it. :
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Mountain biking without a helmet? That's a Darwin candidate for you. I can't beleive you would admit that in public.
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ummm no helmet whilst mtn biking ?...I'd have to agree thats just plain stupid...unless your calling riding a fire trail at a sedate speed mtn biking ?...in which case that just don't count !

no helmet when skiing for me, yet. have been very thankful for my bike helmet though, I have considerable experience at crashing head first [img]redface.gif[/img] which brings me to an interesting qu. should I replace my bike helmet?, there are no obvious signs of significant damage.
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[quote]Originally posted by SkiBum24:
[QB]a couple years ago i had a pretty bad fall (concussion, whiplash, and sprained neck) i have yet to get a helmet but i am definetly considering it

So last week I'm screaming down a trail w/fresh powder on it. Caught an edge and went flying face first. Managed to find that icy mogul under the foot of fresh powder.... with my head. Saw stars, had a hum-dinger of a headache, and managed to sprain my neck (I hyperextended when I hit the mogul-- a helmet of course wouln't have done a thing to lessen the neck injury). When I got up, one of my skis was missing. In the hour I spent looking for my ski (I did end up finding it), no one came down the trail. If I'd had any sort of serious injury it would have been a long and lonely wait...

Anywho, I went and shelled out for a helmet this past weekend. Skied w/it today and didn't even know I had it on. Skiing during the week where I am, some of the trails can get pretty lonely (and the majority don't get closed out by ski patrol at the end of the day).... Alot of the skiing that I do is in steep terrain that's just packed in by rocks and trees. All in all, I'd rather not get knocked out or worse if I don't have to.....


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Irulan:
Mountain biking without a helmet? That's a Darwin candidate for you. I can't beleive you would admit that in public.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ouch! That hurt! : Maybe this will help: for me mountain biking was mostly hard uphill riding and slow downhill returns in complete control. Falling would have meant some bruises, at best. Far less dangerous than skiing at high speeds.
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No helmet (ski-helmet) yet.
Two reasons:

-Difficult to find an adult size helmet here
With the Latin machismo and all, shops have only (most of the shops) kids only size.
-This year again I spent the budget buying two helmets (and a pair of boots) for my kids, totalling 165€.
Results, daddy will have to be careful yet another season.

Jane, how old is it? how many crashes?
Mine is 7 yrs old, but I did not had any head first crashes till now (being extra careful, or just trained by skiing without one).
Also, my judoka years still come in helpfull,
the first thing a judoka is taught, is how to fall.

Anyway, the more the time goes by, the more I
would like to buy an helmet, I even convinced my wife of the need of one (for her as well as for me)!
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No ski helmet yet (as I said earlier), but I have a mountain bike one.
I guess now that I'm doing more off-piste stuff I should get one.
If I hit my head against anything solid, there is always a loud, yet hollow, bang. (something about empty vessels making the most noise I guess). So I reckon I should get a helmet with sound-deadening built in, because I'm worried I might start an avalanche.

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Hey if most the instructors and ski patrol wear them then why shouldn't we? And they're the ones who know how to ski well! Also who's to say you wouldn't get whacked in the back of the head by someone carrying their gear at the base...you don't need to be actually skiing to benefit :
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