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good snowboards

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All last weekend:

I was in a lift line and a snowboarder was curteous enough to take turns when the line merged.

Another snowboarder offered to buy my beer at the bar.

I saw a snowboarder rippin' in the pipe. I told him it was a good run, he thanked me, looked uphill before taking off, then slid off in control and aware of his surroundings.

I was standing along side a busy run and not a single snowboarder ran into me (and there were lots of them, beginners to experts).

See, not all bad. give it up, folks
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Was skiing the other day and stopped off to the side of a lift when a Snowboarder nicked my ski tails. He apologized and went on his way. Later that day on a run a helmeted senior skidder almost clocked me from behind and never said a word. Takes all kinds don't you know.
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