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Did some boot shopping today...

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As most of you know I had that accident in may and now my right foot has some, shall we say...fitting challenges?

Anyhow, the first boot I checked out was the rossi softboot.
This sucker seems to be basically a regular boot with the "tounge" area, for lack of a better description, has been replaced with leather. I can see where it would allow more foward flex but I couldn't even get my foot into it.

The next thing I tried was the salomon soft boot.
This one is different because in front it has a lace up section. After fiddling with it I was able to open it up sufficiently to get my foot in. Felt kinda narrow though...
It did have a secure and comfortable fit otherwise, and when flexing foward my heels didn't so much come up off the footbed as "get lighter" if you know what I mean. Astonsihingly low price too..
about 225, which was HALF what the rossi was going for.

I tried the Head EZ-ON, and it did go on, but MAN was that tight.

I did find an interesting boot. The Technica 9x. I think this was the one that had the HVL or "High Volume Last"
About 275 on that one.

That one went on even easier and felt fairly good. Still tight though.

I think the two boots I'm going to put on the short list, so far anyway. is the Technica 9X and the Solomon soft boot.

In neither of those boots does the front of my big toe actually touch the inside of the boot front, but it's very close. I can feel the side of the toe touching the curve, if you follow what I'm saying.
They both feel a bit tight and narrow but that can be "massaged" out by a boot fitter.
My heels barely move up when i flex foward. I can feel them getting light, but I never lose contact with the footbed.

Speaking of footbed, I'll be getting a custom one. There is a local shop, heino's that does a nice two piece one that is more of an orthotic than a custom bed. They just can't CALL it an orthotic.

You know, if I just lived in Utah I could just go to Daleboot and have them build me boots from the ground up. But I'm in NY and I didn't really trust the airlines BEFORE tuesday.

So, I'm going to look around a bit more, wait another month or so and let my foot maybe "un-swell" a bit more.

I think I'm kind of inclined to go with the solomon because I think that with it's design it can better accomodate my foot if it gradually changes it's shape over the next year.

no rush.
It's only september and I figure I'll but in mid to late october.
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one thought is to get ace bandages or some other kind of "compression" bandage and wrap your foot for a while. do this over a period of days. don't do it too tight but keep getting it a little tighter and tighter. if goes numb loosen it up a little. and keep moving it. The swelling will go down unless it is bone scaring. I would hold off purchasing boots until you are pretty sure all the trama swelling has gone down. My wife sprained her ankle pretty bad last year and could not put her foot in the boot early on but after a week of compression and ice, with some movement, she was able to comfortably put her foot back in the boot. I think it took almost a month of working at it to get it close to normal.
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Give the Atomics a shot...widest boots i've ever tried...makes salomon feel like langes

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dcha -
It most likely is related directly to the bone. Remember, my 2nd metatarsal was actually shattered and had to be reconstructed in surgery. I had a metal rod in there for a couple of months.

I'm buying a boot next month no matter what is going on with my foot.
The thing is that my doctor says that even IF my foot returns to it's normal shape it'll take a year or more, and I'm nit going to miss this season.

Mello -
It's not really the width that's an issue, although that's a part of it. My foot is THICKER from top to bottom and has a different shape along the top from the toes to the ankle.
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Thanks for the reminder. I remembered something about an injury but not the details. One thing to check out when you look at boots. Make sure you try them after pulling out the stock footbed or do a "shell fit" A lot of the boot's have pretty thick stock footbeds. The salomon soft boot I believe is a "lower end" boot. If you are looking for a higher performance boot keep looking.

I see you are a copier repair person.
What line do you service? FYI as a Computer service tech, I also serviced some copiers (IBM) and Canon as well as 3812, 3816 and 3820 Highspeed laser printers.
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Hi Nakona,
You might want to give daleboot a call or get them on line.They use to have information on their web site on how they can make a cutom boot from doing a drewing of your foot and taking some measurments around the foot.I sure hope you are able to find a boot that works for you.
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dchan -
I work on Xerox Low Volumes
(5028, 5034, 5334 & 5624 families)

Utah -
I'll give them a call next week.
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Nakona, based on how serious you are about skiing, you are probably going to need a footbed, and eventually some boot fitting. Perhaps whoever does the work may be able to do something about making it fit the bad foot.
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Yeah, that'd be cool.

I've got a local shop that does a good bed, more of an orthotic actually...

There's a guy up in Vermont (green mountain?) at Stratton I think...

There's a guy in my ski club who is going to e-mail info on a custom boot maker in VT, other than the place I just mentioned...

I'm going to call Daleboot next week...

Yeah, I've got options.

chmod a+x /bin/laden
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nakona -- In light of the recent national events, I am receiving some very concerned e-mails about your last post, largely in conjunction with the interests you have listed in your profile. To avoid any misunderstandings, maybe you could clarify the "chmod a+x /bin/laden" comment so those who are taking offense to it know what you are saying.

Thanks.<FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by AC (edited September 14, 2001).]</FONT>
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To a Unix geek, chmod is the command to modify file permissions. a+x gives "execute permission" for all users.

Geeks rule!
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AC -
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I was at the lodge up in VT this weekend.

As Geoff said, the new sig file is a unix joke. Another one making the rounds is #rm /bin/laden, which means "remove file"

Regarding my profile, which in the hobby section says:
Motorcycles, BBQ and Overtrowing the Government. ,
I apologize for any trouble my profile may have caused you but I can't be responsible for people who are neither able to recognize satire nor willing to simply ask me what it means.

I was surprised to find that although I listed my e-mail listed in my edit-profile page and checked the box allowing others to see it, it is listed as "Not Available" in profile.

Perhaps you can fix that?

Maybe then when someone has a question they can simply ask me directly rather than bother you about it.
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also seen recently in Unix world:

sh /bin/laden

In Unix, sh means "shell"
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