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How short can I go?

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I bought the wife some new skis. They are 170s. She hates them. Can I use them? I am 6'2" and my current skis are 195 straight skis.
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Yes, no, maybe.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BetaRacer:
Yes, no, maybe.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

What does that mean?
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it means that you didn't give enough info for anybody to tell you whether they'll work or not. what level skier are you? what kind of skiing do you like? on what kinds of conditions? more importantly -- what kind of skis are they in the first place??
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How much do you weigh? What make/type of skis are they?

What conditions? Your level?
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mwahh...beat ya....
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Oh, sorry. They're Nordica Trent T7.1

I'm 6'2", 200lbs.

I am not a beginner, but I'm certainly no expert. I like carving and glade skiing. I don't see powder where I live. It's mostly groomed/packed, with ice patches
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I don't know anything about that particular ski, however, you can ski on a 150 or 160 if need be. I'm 5'11" 185 and ski on varying lengths from 150 to 174. I teach skiing six days a week on skis this length.
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Don't know if this will help ,but here goes.
Skied ( mostly watched ) yesterday with two skiers ( both 6', one 160, other 200 +)swapping back and forth an Atomic 9.12 (160). Steep bumpy hardpack top half, wide open smooth hard bottom. They ripped this ski like nothing I've seen.Very,very good experts. Super quick turning on the top and amazing carves on the bottom. Impressive!!
Asked them their opinion ( I'm interested in short slalom ). Both, need to be edged. Stability (160lb) not an issue. 200+lb said was not as stable and thought the 170 would solve that problem.
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I tried to look on Nordicas site ..... could not locate a Trent/Trend ski with the numbers that you posted But:

They seem to be a beginners/intermediate ski they will probably be to soft for your 200 pounds.

What did she not like about them? Was she on straight skis prior to these? If she was, did she take a lesson to help her transition to a shaped ski?

If the skis "grabbed" too much for her, detuning the tips and tails may be an answer.

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As ze old saying goes....

Short sticks,
Short di... er, never mind!

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