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Soft Boots for Advanced Intermediate?

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My sister has always had comfort problems with boots and is considering the new Soft Boots from Rossi. She's an "Advanced" skier, able to ski single black diamonds with decent form at conservative speeds". She's relatively content with her level, but doesn't want to lose ground by choosing equipment that's too low on the performance scale. She's around 5'4", 130.

Would the Soft Boots be a reasonable option?
Any experience or knowledgable opinions?

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I would try to see if she can demo them. I am told Mammoth has a demo center that includes boots.

The word from Greg at GMOL is that the new soft boots are great as long as you are using "new Technique" ie: tipping to turn and not powering into the fronts of your skis and you are on Shaped skis.

Before you go gang busters into insisting on soft boots however, does she have footbeds and has she ever had a good bootfitter work on her boots?

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She has custom Super Feet corks and has most recently worked with the guys at Footloose in Mammoth. However, her current boots (bought elsewhere) are a bit too big and they haven't been able to fix the problems. She plans to demo, but wanted to get as much info as possible first.

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according to the Masterfit clinic I took, the one thing that is not worth fixing is a "too big boot" Basicly nothing they can do for that. Did the guys at Mamnoth give her any "suggestions" on what type of boot would fit her?
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From what I gather, Footloose told her that fighting with boots that are too big is usually a losing proposition. They made some boot suggestions last Spring, but I don't remember which ones. I don't think the Soft Boots had hit the market yet. She's going back up to Mammoth in a few days for the 1st time this season and will try to narrow it down to a couple of models to demo.
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I'm hopefully ordering the Kneissl Rail softboot tomorrow or Friday, and hitting Sierra-At-Tahoe on the 15th and 16th, I'll report back
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I have a new set of Solomon Verse soft boots with orthotics on a modern shaped ski with marker SC bindings.

supposedly, this is the correct combination of equipment to take advantage of the newest technology and if it ever starts snowing around here I'll let you know.
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Just yesterday, I was talking with the head of the hardgoods buying group for the majority of ski shops here in Michigan. He thinks that of all the current soft boot models offered, that Rossi makes the best boot.

Remember fit is still everything, and don't forget the custom foot beds and your sister should have her alignment checked as well, as part of the boot fitting process.
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Glaw; I tried the Softs yesterday. I was up at Alta and stopped by Deep Powder House, who sells them and spoke to Paul, the manager. He said that the target group was people who missed the comfort and convienience of rear entrys and liked to ski mostly groomers with the new carving technique.. He let me take up a demo pair for a spin; Here's what I found; Comfy and warm, no joke; good heel pocket, is thermoformable so fit should be good overall. In powder, your ok if it's untracked, but the minute it gets cut up you're gonna get tossed around; it's a bit like skiing with your buckles unbuckled. My habit is to live in that inside front corner of my boot toungue, and you can't do that with these; not a lot of support. In short turns they were work; hard to really bend your ski with them. They were happiest when I laid them over in big sweeping arcs using only their lateral structure and the sidecut of the ski. Limiting. In sum; Comfortable but, as I told the ski Tech when I turned them in, "lacks authority" I had them on a moderatly pitched Black{powder} and a long blue cruiser{hard groomer} My recommendation is to wait a couple years untill they get it right. Things have changed a lot with traditional boots- there are lots of really comfortable new ones out in your sister's range; Ski mag had some real raves this year on comfort and performance in boots for women advanced intermediates. Anything with a heat moldable liner should be pretty cushy. It'd be a shame to be limited by your boot; or have to battle to control it..did Phil mention Flexons?

Also; they're heavy.

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Thanks for the input. I'll pass it on.
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