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Coaching program

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In the process of finalizing a specialty coaching program pitch for my local home mountain.The focus is to set up a training academy type environment. Kids looking for more competition specific training (ski/snowboard)). Currently my situation is as follows; to approach the mountain and run it through the Snow sports school...or run the program through the local "race-club"..or to go out and set up a program on my own.

Have weighed out the pros and con's of all of the above, but still want to make this happen regardless. It is something my local demographic will greatly benefit from.

Anyone out there have any suggestion/feedback, I have talked to a few of you off site and have had a good amount of constructive info. thus far..thoguht I'd throw it out to the masses.

Thanks for you time...
I'll bring the wine and cheese next time...
Try the spanikopita..it's to die for.

Jonah D.:
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email me and lets talk...I have done this a few times...

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Will do...

Alrighty then...e-mail is in the oven
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I've done a few of these.
a few years before we'd met, I ran such a program at the then-called "Great Gorge Resort"....I approached the mkt'g. director, ("Bill"...you likely remember him, Jonah - he's an ex-burton coach- '91) i ran it , technically, under the racing program, but there was almost no interest in alpine then.
One of my Polish athletes, whose family had deep pockets, came over and trained under me that year and qualified for the open and competed well in it (yep- even then, the 'open' was invitational).
prior to that, like in '92, shawn and i (you remember shawn- he runs parks and pipes for MC and does much park & pipe designing for intrawest, and trained with me on cross-m) got the nod to runa program (alpine) at bromley- we set it up through the ski school director. he wa sgreat, and we got a nice contract. then it was a warm, ariny october in Vt., and shawn split back to tahoe, and i split back to europe without even getting the program started...too depressing.
in this century, i've kept my own programs confine dto europe, where it's WAY easier to caoch and teach without the chains of litigation all over us.
i started a race foundation through the czech school where i trained the staff, and then expanded into our swiss sister school.
i'll be back there next season.
advertise like a lunatic in shops and start a nice wbesite, like now, for next season. approach your old school or the race dep't. there, now, about 'borrowing' two dozen gates, and just go out and hit them witha few friends. let the local hill witness the interest level this generates this season, even late, like now.
shemale me for ideas, i've done OK with this sort o' thang.
up in your neck of the woods, there is much interest and talent, it'd seem!
start advertising on thes eboards for old alpine boards to use, cheap.
paint 'em flat black and make stickers for your foundation, and put the sticker son the black boards, which prospective athletes can then borrow. ask the fine folks at bomber for a bro deal, and give them sponsorship props on banners, etc.

contact pete seminara. i saw him around christmas, and even though he's long outta the industry, he could steer you well, and he's originally from your region, so he has good hooks there.
contact shawn and ask for contacts for prospective sponsorships.
the sponsorships i got in '96 for my program, at the time, made it much easier.
get a seasoned gate-vet involved, as well.
were i around next season, i'd be camping on your doorstep to get involved, but i'll be audi quattroverseas
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incidentally- i mentioned getting a seasoned gate vet involved to help with technical stuff, such as gate placement for training courses and events (you know- undergates, flush bias, etc.), rules, and jockeying.
I know you can handle the coaching aspect with ease
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My home mountain has implemented a program similar to what you're describing. PM me if you'd like more details.
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man- me and a buddy (jonah knows shawn) were setting up the groundwork for a nice SB alpine foundation in the green mtn.s (contracts set, everything) in '92, but we sh*tcanned the plan.
what mountain you mean up thar'?
there are countless small alpine training foundations in the states, and maybe one or two good ones.
carabassett has a kickass program, and some intelligent coaches.
pick their brains, jonah.
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