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Whistler travel questions

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Hi everyone,

The family is heading to Whistler next week, and as you might imagine, we are quite excited. I have a couple of quick questions.

First is lift tickets. Am I correct to understand that the best bet for tickets is the 7-Eleven on the way up. I know we can get a 5 of 6 deal or something like that from our condo rental, but I seem to have read that the 7-11 is the way to go.

Next question. Currency exchange. Am I correct to stick with the VISA and hit a local bank for some currency?

Last question isn't really a question. I will look into our car and health insurance, but I was assuming both would cover Canadian travel. If you have any info re State Farm, please share.

Thanks for all the help.

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lift tickets - yes - 7-11 is the way to go. I think lift tickets there cost $67 (including taxes)

visa - remember that banks are now adding 1% for evry international transaction.

insurance - couple of things to note. canada has no fault policy. you are responsible for your own damage. your credit card will cover your rental insurance. check with your credit card (call visa) - make sure they insure SUVs. I think they do - but it is worth checking.
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Originally Posted by DJP

Next question. Currency exchange. Am I correct to stick with the VISA and hit a local bank for some currency?

Thanks for all the help.

Use the Visa but you'll want some Canadian money for tips, vending machines, to see what cool-looking money looks like, etc.

PS Showing up with nothing but currency from your home country is beyond tacky - happy to see you're not one of those.

...the other thing - it's a big place, if you're skiing together have a plan in case you get separated.
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if you buy multi day ticket, you may want to price out the airport ski counter deal against the 7-11's. Just a thought.
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The only bad thing about using VISA is that most card companies will charge international transaction fee. Can really add up. Call your credit card company and ask if they do charge and how much.
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My Visa card charges 3%, but I have a Bank of America (formerly Fleet Bank) MasterCard, that does not charge at all. I think it is a rarity though.
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