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Is Northern VT as dismal as Catskills/Berkshires this winter?

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Planning a March 27th week trip to Stowe, as my kids and I have the use of a luxury condo there that week. My home resorts in the Catskills and Berkshires have made me DEPRESSED this winter! We've had Spring conditions - like 40's and rainy - with occassional plummets to 0 degrees, which have given us great frozen grass and ice.

Please tell me it's better in Northern VT, (or predicted to get better?).

Stowe is one of the few VT mountains I've never skiied and I assume there's other stuff to do with my 9-year-olds should we encounter summer-like conditions in March. Love to hear from those familiar with other things to do in the area, and most important, from those who have a weather crystal ball! TIA :-))
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If the winter doesn't turn around quickly, we might not have any snow by Feb 27th, let alone March 27th. This next storm is going to really hurt some of the mountains if the 1-2" of rain really falls. We'll see...

Stowe, smuggs, and jay might get some snow out of it, but probably only a couple inches. What looks promising is after this storm passes, the weather guys (and girls) are predicting some colder more seasonable weather for a couple weeks with good snow forecasted.

That being said, Stowe has all it's trails open with an ok base and they have a pretty decent snowmaking system. Hopefully they'll keep making snow whenever it gets cold. The resorts usually stop making snow after the second/third week in Feb, due to the $$ and limited return from lift ticket sales.
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We have been getting the same, but conditions could be worse. We are getting just enough snow to make it interesting. I went to MRG yesterday and they were 100% open. It was boilerplate under 4-5in of snow but the base is there if it ever snows. March is along way off the way this winter is going.
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We can't accurately forecast the weather out more than 4-8 days. A lot could happen between now and March 27 (for better or worse) so it's almost pointless to worry about it now, about 53 days in advance!
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i haven't been to the catskills, and it's certainly not a great winter in vermont, but it'll almost certianly be better in stowe than in the catskills. i was at stowe last weekend and it was great.
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Do the tour at the Ben&Jerry Ice Cream factory, the kids will love it. You will drive right past it coming from I89.
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Heading to Burlington in the morning and if the weather still looks like rain the skis will stay home.

Taking the kids to see O.A.R in Burlington and staying at the lodge in Stowe. We had planned to ski Mad River.

I'm glad I took advantage of the early season. I have never seen a warm spell as long as this one. Today was another spring day - 50'.
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Not AS dismal

Stowe should be OK.....they have elevation in their favor, and they do make snow from time to time. Jay is a favorite as well, but beware....if they get ANY rain, it wreaks havoc with their surfaces for quite a while, because they freeze over so quickly. That higher latitude is great for natural snow and holding onto it, but it also means long stretches of boilerplate, if the natural surface is not replenished frequently. Forget their snowmaking. I don't know why they even bother.
Oddly, or perhaps not, the Vermont ski area that has had the best coverage this winter is Killington! They have reaped the benefit of those storms that tracked south, and their higher elevation has meant that they have gotten snow, when others have got rain.
Smuggs seems to be having a halfways decent year from what I've heard. MRG and Sugarbush seem to be spotty and icy..this is all hearsay.
Okemo has had an un-even year. Their snowmaking and grooming have given their surfaces incredible resilience after rain and warm weather. Yesterday, Feb 1st, was one of the best days I have had this year.
Further south, it al depends on grooming and snowmaking. I have heard good things about Sunbowl at Stratton.
Hope this helps...
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I'm going with my family in march as well. I've watching the weather and checking out the web sites. I really hope the weather turns around my kids are so looking forward to going: : :
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Remember, March is the snowyest month. There's still hope.
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Don't forget the Cabot cheese factory. just stay down wind after, please.
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I think it's too early to start worrying. As someone else said, March is USUALLY the snowiest month. Also, conditions in northern VT ARE better than in southern New England, PA, NY, etc. Supposedly, we will be seeing a turn for the better weather-wise. A little snow accumulation this weekend, hopefully a larger snow event next week. For all you know, you'll get three feet of snow the week before you arrive.

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Is it?


Is it raining in Newport like it is here in Brattleboro?
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Originally Posted by Cgrandy

Is it raining in Newport like it is here in Brattleboro?
I don't live in Newport, I live in St. Albans (about 30 miles north of Burlington). Yep, it's raining here, pretty hard too. It's 36 degrees here by the lake. I'm willing to bet it's raining in Newport too. Of course, that doesn't mean it's raining in the mountains. BUT forecaster Jim Roemer is saying mountains will probably see some rain before it turns to flurries. Depends on how high temps go, I guess.

I really want some powder days before I go to Crested Butte at the end of this month! ARGH!

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Close enough

So rain in Vt Top to bottom. The forecast is to snow tomorrow night Tha's good.

I might be up your way Sunday, My boy has soccer. But if it snows, I'll patrol and his mother will do the drive.

Thanks for the "real" weather report ;-)

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Originally Posted by Cgrandy
Thanks for the "real" weather report ;-)
You're welcome. Let's hope that snow comes and it accumulates too.

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headed to stowe tommorrow afternoon for the super bowl-
watch it at the Rusty nail or Sunset Grille(24 tv's)even in the can
# days skiing-Go Steelers!!!!
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sorry, but what kind of weenie worries about the snow when a trip is 7 weeks away? weather and conditions do change, and in a hurry.
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