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April Spring Break

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Is April 7-14th too late for skiing? What resorts will still have good snow?
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I'm heading to Vail with my kids for our 3rd Spring there, and the snow has always been fine that time of year. This year we'll be there from 4/7-16. I think it's a good choice since they usually have decent snow that time of year, and the Summit Co. resorts (which have more elavation) are a short drive away if Vail has poor snow. It's still early to forecast how April will be this year, but with the type of snow year CO is experiencing this season, I think it will be another great Spring to be there.

That said Utah's LCC resorts would be a good choice as well for that time of year.
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April should be huge in Summit County CO and in Vail this year...there is a TON of snow.

The first week of April can feel like early Spring or the dead of winter there.

Watch for the "Lets Go Colorado II" thread....there should be a ton of Bears to ski with through the first 3 weeks of April...don't miss all the fun !

Coach, I'll be in Vail during most of your fun to meet you.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
Coach, I'll be in Vail during most of your fun to meet you.
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Our family did Vail at that time last year and it snowed the whole time.
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Check out Crested Butte. The have a great mountain, rock'n town, are getting a good snowpack this year, tend to have a little cooler tempuratures, and have some incredible deals on packages for flying in this season.
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I was at Vail for the Spring Back to Vail promotion last year. There was a band/street party one of the nights that was a lot of fun. The skiing was great and we felt like we had the mountain to ourselves. The conditions were great then and will likely be better this year.
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