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First Skis Question

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Hi everybody, before I jump into my question I'd like to introduce myself.

I'm a junior Civil Engineering student going to school in Montana and just got into skiing this year. I'm originally from South Eastern Washington and reside there during the summer. In my free time (what little I have) I enjoy fishing, hunting, boating and just about anything else outdoors.

Now for my question. This is my first year skiing, I have went a few times and really enjoyed myself. I'm 21 years old, 6'-1" and 200lbs. I'm thinking about buying a set of skis. A guy that works for my dad has a set of Nordica Z 7.1 with tyrolia bindings. The skis are 175cm. I couldnt find anything about these skis on the internet and figured with all the knowledge on this forum, somebody can help me. He only skied on them one time before he hurt his back and cant ski anymore. He wants $200 for the set-up.

I was wondering how you folks think these would work for me? I am a beginner, but want a set of skis that will last me a while. Also, I wear a size 14 shoe (sometimes I can squezze into a 13) will these bindings fit a boot that big or will I have to buy larger bindings.

Thanks for all the help
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I would bet the bindings will need to be remounted to accomodate your larger boot, unless that guy also had clown feet

Don't know anything about those skis though. The length will be OK for you as an intermediate as long as you're not still snowplowing.

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Thanks Craig. I'll try and find out more info on the bindings and see if they'll work for me.
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