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The best UTAH resorts

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I am going to be in park city for 12 days.Can anyone tell me what are the pluses and minuses about all the resorts.Which resorts are best for powder and glade skiing
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I am usually one of the 1st on this board to talk up the Utah resorts but my goodness, please use the search function 1st. Then come back with specific questions.

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Recent thread

You can check out this thread http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=36318 from my recent trip out there. It includes discussion about all of the major resorts except Park City Mountain Resort and Solitude. Been to those two on previous trips-- not a huge fan of PCMR personally but Solitude is good.

Never been to Sundance, but it's rather small compared to the rest. Heard it's kind of neat though.

For powder and glades-- my votes would be Powder Mountain (esp. "Powder Country" area of the mountain) and Alta.
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Alta and Snowbird are both so unreal I can hardly put words to describe them. Go there and don't think twice.

If you are looking for pow, those might simply be the best in the world. Supreme lift at Alta is amazing with steep and trees and crags and so forth.

Alta is a more duct tape crowd, secret stash, hidden gem type of place.

Snowbird is a more big mountain, easy layout, all out in the open, ritzy type of place.

I found some nice glades at PCMR I believe at Jupiter Bowl but PC, DV, and the Canyons pale in comparison to Alta and Snowbird IMHO.

Of the three resorts in Park City, I can say honestly that I'd ski Deer Valley over any of them. While Park City Mountain Resort seems to be a worse version of Alta/Snowbird, Deer Valley has a unique and ritzy feel. If you like groomers, and they have some nice terrain there too. I can't really speak to teh Canyons, I think it's a more snowboarder type of joint.

Next time out I'm going to try to hit Solitude, Brighton, Snowbasin and Powder Mountain.
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[quote=Billd]I can't really speak to teh Canyons, I think it's a more snowboarder type of joint. [quote]

They Canyons is a good place once you learn to avoid the long, flat runouts (and the timeshare salesmen: ). Problem is, the runouts aren't readily discernable on the trail maps which might make for a semi-unpleasant first day doing a lot of traversing. Good tree skiing and plenty of powder stashes if it snows.

If you're going for 12 days, why not try them all? I doubt any of the areas are bad. I can tell you that Alta, the Canyons, DV & Snowbird are all very good in their own ways.
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Originally Posted by Billd

Next time out I'm going to try to hit , Brighton, .
Brighton = Heaven for 10 year old snowboarders.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. 99% of them are well-behaved, they offer to help me up when I fall down & they aren't allowed into the bar (Private Club) at the base.

Brighton does have pretty much the same powder as Alta & Snowbird; powder that I had better stay away from because being Life Flighted out does not seem like a good use of my time.

But Brighton is the 3rd least expensive ticket in Utah (Beaver Mountain & Wolf Mountain cost less). It's also smaller than the other Cottonwood Canyon/PC resorts.

They've been around since 1936, so they must be doing something right. But that does not necessarily mean that you should skip out on a day at Alta or DV just so you can say you went to Brighton.
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What do you like to ski? Almost all the Utah resorts are within an hour of each other. you could do a sampling of each mountain in 12 days. A Utah most do is Alta. If you like doing big vert Snowbird is 2nd only to Jackson Hole in that Dept. Solitude is a little gem of a place. it is just one canyon over from Alta and the Bird. A lot of people seems to get down on PCMR. PCMR has been my home mountain for 8 years now. there is a lot there that most people don't find. Deer Valley is known for it's groomed runs. It also has some of the best tree skiing in Utah. It's not all Stockbrokers and Stars there is a Goretex and duct tape crowd at Deer Valley they are just hard to see in all those trees. The Canyons can be a blast if you get away from the main area.
Snowbasin is my favorite Utah mountain it has a little of everything. I like it so much I have thought about moving to Ogden. Powder Mountain just north of Snowbasin has a small lift served area and large semi back country area. It's all good just pick a mountain and go ski.
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