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The Explorer lift at Brighton has a bar and I am pretty sure that you are never more than 15 feet off the ground.

Majestic at Brighton has a bar, too, and I don't think you are much more than 30 feet in the air.

And Molly Green's at Brighton is a pretty cool little bar.....(or as we call it, a Private Club.)
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Don't come to MT Snowbowl, there's no safety bars!!!: People flying off every minute, oh the terror, oh the gorey carnage!!!: (Or maybe that's just the road to the mountain, just substitute "guard rails" for "safety bars")

Seriously though, I hate the leg rest thingees, they are designed for little tiny people, when a safety bar with foot rest is put down, the foot rest comes down on top of my boots, and there isn't room enough between the bar and the foot rest for my legs.
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