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Small backpack to tote boots?

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I saw someone have a rugsack that you could put stuff into yet on the outside he had straps or pockets to attach and carry ski boots.

I could use a day pack like I am describing to keep my hands free at the end of the day to marshal the toddlers to the car.

Anyone know where I can get one?
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
None of these are what I am looking for.

The tell tale sign is the boots strap to the OUTSIDE. They don't go inside.
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I wish I had a picture, but I'll try to describe what I do. . .

I have a small, regular old Black Diamond backpack that I frequently wear for skiing.

When I am done for the day and need to go somewhere that requires regular shoes, I take my boots off, attach them together with a boot strap (In my case, an old loop of webbing from my climbing days that I run under a buckle and the power strap on my boots), put my back pack on, and then drop the strapped-together boots over my head, and over the top of the pack, so that they are dangling on either side of the pack, supported by it. Works great. Learned it from an ex-racer friend who always has had lots of stuff to carry.

Make any sense? If not, I will try to get someone to take a photo tomorrow.

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Check the Atomic web site. They had them a few years ago.

I was going to buy one of the Atomic packs, but when compared to the stuff I could get into a Transpack ... the Transpak layout is great. Just remember to start the center section with the helmet upside down.

They even have a larger size this season.

When my kids were that small and I had my boots and two pairs of junior boots, I just used an old Eddie Bauer pack that was shaped like a suitcase. Good straps and a hefty waist belt.
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I have seen packs with boots hanging off them - not sure the type.

I do have the transpak pack and it works very well. The way the boots go in distribute the weight nicely on your back and the middle pouch has room for a helmet, goggles, gloves etc. Everything one person needs to bring in the lodge fits well and even my youngest (8 years old)can carry his own pack and skis (the weight distribution of the triangular design is key to this).
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