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Good Friend

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A few months ago I reported that my good friend, fellow Patrol buddy and fellow bumper, Herb was diagnosed with Brain Stem Cancer.

This morning Herb Passed away at the age of 49. Leaves behind a lovely Wife and three great kids.

What once was a straping,strong man who could ski anything, anytime, in any conditions, the past couple weeks found him bedridden and only able to eat jello with vitamins and liquids. Didn't want his Wife to let visitors in to see him.

As much as we all prepared for this day, it still came too soon, but his pain is over. Not the pain and grief of his loved ones.

God bless you Herb. You will be with me every turn and every ski trip the rest of my Life. I'll miss your smiling face and your stupid jokes.
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It's hard to lose a good friend, at least he has someone to carry on for him. May all your runs be EPIC.
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Sorry to hear about your Bro.
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Sorry to hear of your Friends passing Lars. It sounds like you had a good friend there.
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Lars, that's so sad.

Sorry for your loss.
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So very sorry for your loss and his family's loss, Lars.
Best to you.
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My condolences.
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So sorry to hear that Lars. He'll be with you when you're skiing.

Healing thoughts to you and to his family.

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It sounds like the two of you had some great times.

We should in middle age, learn to cherish the friendships we have now ... because we are getting too old to "make old friends".

To be a patroller ... it's hard to imagine a bad one among your lot .... he had to be a great guy.
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really sorry

lars - i'm so sorry about your friend, you're rightm you can never actually prepare for the day, and so hard to watch someone so robust get to that point. I like what someone wrote about his being with you whenever you ski - I lost someone several years ago and I think of him being with me When I do the activities he loved.
take good care of yourself
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Why is it the good die young? Sorry to hear the news of the loss of a fellow patroler Lars. Its the great people like that that make it easier to report for patrol on those days when the skiing is not that great.
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Too much of this side of life these days. I am sorry for your loss but I know what you wanted for your friend. Peace.

Its those of us left behind who feel the pain. I'll be thinking of your friend and his family this weekend.

Your friend

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I hear you can ski all the blower powder you want in heaven... Still I mourn for those who will miss the man.
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Thanks so much for your thoughts and wishes and the PM's.

Sharing this bad news with you is one of the ways I'm dealing with it.

Knowing there are thoughtful people out there does really help.

I know Herb would appreciate it.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Good friends are hard to come by and are irreplaceable. It's tough to lose one, and twice as tough when it's well before his/her time.

God bless Herb, his family, and most of Herb was blessed himself to have such a good friend.
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I'm sorry to hear this. I know what it's like to watch a special friend die of cancer, and as much as you don't want him to die, you also wish for it to happen to end his pain. Such a mix of feelings.

Make sure to share lots of stories about him, especially with his family, so they know how much he was loved and so they can find some comfort in the life he lived and the lives he touched. It's the laughter mixed in with the tears that helps you get through the grief every day.

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I'm sure you will miss him in those moments when he would've been at your side, but those are the moments that you will smile and remember him fondly.

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Condolences to Herb's family and to you Lars-

another reminder to all of us to give the kids an extra squeeze or two, take those extra turns with your best friends and remember to look up and take in all that is around us- the ride is short to begin with and for some of us it will be unfairly truncated-

peace to one and all-
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