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Hi, I'm new to this but you guys all seem to know what you're talking about so I hope you can help me.

I'm male, 5' 6" 130lbs ability level 9 but all my life I've skied on straight skis and avoided the dreaded change, last 7 seasons I've been skiing Rossignol Roc Moguls 193cm - I ski bumps, trees, steeps, couloirs but still like to rip red and black groomers for fun with my family.

So as you can see I need an all round ski but with good flex (because of my weight) for the bumps. I've had lots of advice both good and terrible from the shops but they only advise on what they sell or else someone who's 6 ft something is trying to sell me their favorite ski which would be no good for an agressive midget like me !

I do have some ideas of what might be good but I could really do with some independant advice from a clean sheet The one thing I would add is that I couldn't really cope with anything too wide as I'll probably still be trying to ski with my feet glued together. Someone advised Public Enemy's but an 88mm waist
after my 60mm would be like strapping on two snowboards !

I've got 2 weeks to go before my annual trip to Whistler so if you've got any ideas please let me know.