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More new snow in the Wasatch

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We were promised only snow showers nearly every day of this week- but it's been snowing steadily all day, if not dumping. Looking out the window at 7000' I can imagine what it's like at 10,000- and I'm hearing great reports from people who have been up these last two days(PCMR)- in spite of Monday's heavy snow it's been light and dry the rest of the week. There's a cold front due in tonight bringing more snow still, according to Alta's website. So. looks like the academy's had some rockin' conditions and things should be great for the gathering- especially Snowbasin. Cross your fingers.
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Did Alta today as part of ESA and it was fantastic. Snowbasin looks very promising
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Been snowing 23 hours straight in PC.The totals will be posted soon. Who'd you bears sacrifice? Fox? I thought you need a virgin...

P.S. Just posted; Alta 13 inches, still snowing, 8-11" more expected today.
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So I'll be plowing through powder while my usual ski trip buddies are up at Kilington. I told them to bring their water skis.
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I'll be there from 2/4 - 2/11. Sounds like the base will be great, though I hope more freshies fall while we are out there. I hope our week doesn't turn out to be a lull between two storms...
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This is painful to read, although I am happy for everyone who can enjoy all that snow. Here we are looking at another record breaking high (8 degrees Celsius) and more rain tomorrow.
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