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Done some ski research, input welcome

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Uhhh, yeah, there’s a foot of snow expected to fall tomorrow. I think I’m going to be mysteriously absent from work on Friday…. hack, cough…..definitely coming down with something.

On that note, there’s a couple skis I can get to demo and play with this weekend, but only one per weekend trip so the choice has got to be fairly well considered. Oh, and I’m looking to buy as well, so at this point I’m not looking for a one-day thrill ride. Ok, well I AM looking for a thrill ride but it needs to be versatile (as in, crappy at just about everything?) Ahem.

Here’s the low-down: I’m a chick and 5’6", 120, and from this forum determined I’m a level 7+-ish, maybe 8 if the skis make me feel over-confident at which point I do something dumb to remind myself I’m really a level 7+-ish. Basically I like fresh tracks and want to get better in backcountry powder, and I’m linking turns on easier black mogul runs now but I also love fast groomers on the way back down to the base.

I can’t tell you what I currently ride because it’s too embarrassing, but they are parabolic, roughly 155 and perform best at about 20 mph. Basically they get me to where the demo tent is on the mountain, where I proceed to leave them all day in favor of something made in the 21st century.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far, and I’ve included the cut for my reference as much as for yours:

- 115-68-99 K2 Burnin Luv @ (153 & 160) – sweet sweet sweet; buttery, quick effortless turns and great edges even on skied out garbage. But ultimately the waist is just too narrow for me in powder, ('cause I'm not good enough to make them work for me) and so we move on..

-124-81-112 Salomon 1080 Foil @ (158) – first time on twin tips, kinda neat, I could like that part, but my god these were heavy for me. And it’s not because of the demo bindings because everything else is with the demo bindings and it wasn’t a problem for any other pair. That was my big gripe with the Foil; it was difficult to turn quickly – or, rather, turn at all other than big GS on groomers. Maybe it’s a personal problem, maybe its because I’m not used to a wider waist. I didn’t even attempt powder that day, not that there was any available.

- 114-74-102 Ironically, I tried last year’s 1080 (155? 151??) and liked it quite a bit more than this year’s model. It seemed to be lighter and performed very well in 10" of powder under my (incompetent but enthusiuastic) guidance. I felt like I could actually maybe do this whole powder thing (read: "these skis make me feel over-confident") and on the groomers toward the base they opened up to go fairly fast, although not as fast as some others and a little more squirrely under my feet (too short?)

-Salomon Siam 5, 7, 10, I don’t remember; they were blue and I hated them. Mushy soft with instant chatter going half the speed I want to go and terrible edge grip on anything other than perfect corduroy. It was like skiing on two pieces of cooked spaghetti and I took them back to the base and traded them for…..

-121-75-109 Salomon Scrambler 8 @ (155) Again, bigger waist than the K2 Burnin Luv so I was feeling pretty good off-trail but realized they are still a little too soft for me at high speed. I’ll give credit that turning seemed pretty nimble (as compared to the aforementioned spaghetti) and would acknowledge that if I didn’t plan on improving this year, this would be a good ski but I want something to grow into so I dismissed the whole Scrambler idea pretty quickly.

-115-68-99 I wanted to have fun again so I turned back to K2 where I demoed the Burning Luv (160) again, and the Crossfire (160) right after. Yes I raved about the Luv but the Crossfire takes aggressive skiing a little better. And so the Crossfire love-affair ensues for about a week, until I acknowledge that however much I like the ski, the waist is still just too skinny.

-109-70-99 Last year’s Rossi B1W (154-ish) was available the next week. I don’t have much to say about them. They were neither great nor terrible. They did "okay" in various conditions but for some reason I’m totally ambivalent about them. This does not bode well for the line, although Rossi apparently re-did their Bandit line and I’m tempted to try this year’s B3.

And there you have it. The K2 crossfire is the winner in the "I like them, they’re fun" category, but they’re not going to pull through for me in deeper stuff like something a little wider (like the 1080) will do. SO, after extensive research here’s the narrowed-down list of skis to try and con someone out of for a demo (no, really, I can demo most of these without doing anything morally questionable, butI don’t want to demo ALL of them unless you all really think I should) Most of these have a wider waist than I’m used to but I think may ultimately be a good 50/50 groomer / powder ski for me once I get used to it. I’ve read the threads here and other reviews for most of these skis but would welcome any input you may have for this specific collection and choice of sticks:

119-78-105 K2 Recon (160)
120-83-110 Rossi Bandit B3W (160)
119-87-111 Volkl Karma (169 twin tip)
116-74-102 Volkl AC3 (156)
125-82-110 Volkl AC4 (163) (Too big for me?)
127-76-114 Atomic M11 (162)
112-78-102 Atomic Deviant (163 twin)
124-74-108 Atomic B11 puls (157)

Another question is: If, say, you're interested in a twin tip because maybe you want to jump off smaller things and work on your switch position, is it really worth it to get the twin tip or are you sacrificing other things (um, like performance in other aspects) by getting the twin? There is potential for trying some terrian park stuff some day, but I'll never be a huge freestyle skier. Opinions?

Oh, hi Brian!
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Nordica Olympia Victory

74mm waist. My girlfriend loved 'em. Or, if you want even wider, check out the Nitrous (78mm waist).
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