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it looks like my season is over

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i had surgery yesterday to repair my broken left elbow. everything went well and i should regain most of my range of motion. doc cut back my radial head below the fractures and noted damage to another bone, i'm thinking he said the humerus but i was still out of it when we talked. i'll get more details at the follow up.

the neat thing about the operation was it was done at his own surgery center and instead of a general, a nerve block and a heavy seditive was used. when i awoke in recovery i felt good, my arm was numb and stayed that way until i feel asleep last night. the only downer was that i was hoping to get a 'script for demerol. i got that after the break and it didn't make me sick. they wouldn't give me demerol so i picked percocet instead but i know it would make me ill. i took some last night before bed and i wish i hadn't. looks like i'll stick to otc pain meds and ice.

if i'm lucky and rehab goes well, i'll be good to ski come late march but the season will be over locally. the west will be too expensive given my lack of employment the last 7 months and the 2 - 3 more to come, i hope vt has a good late season.

thanks to all that have expressed well wishes in my previous threads on this topic. make some turns and hoist a few after for me. one more thing:

Here We Go Steelers!
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Springhill, sorry to hear that. Get well soon and take it easy this Sunday!
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Don't be afraid to call up the Doc and tell him/her that the percs are making you sick, you are in pain and can't sleep etc. You can probably get what you need. Worst they can say is no, but otc meds and ice might not cut it in this case. I know it's worked for me in the past. Percs make me itch all over. :

Hope you feel better and make a speedy recovery.
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I'm so sorry to hear of your elbow..I hope you'll recover soon!
I'll pray for good late season in Vt (heck, we surely haven't had a good season so far..the snow must be backed up somewhere up there for us!!!
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Get well soon
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Heal up fast!
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Good luck with your rehab. It's a pain, but it's worth it.
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Best of luck with the Rehab SCrazie!
There's always Argentina for late summer skiing.....
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thanks all for the kind words.
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I have the same problem with pain meds making me ill. However, I've found that Oxycodone is the ticket. It's a beautiful thing.....just take a laxative while you're on it!:

Mend well, my friend... and who are the Steelers?: Is that some kind of sport team?
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Sorry to hear you'd gotten hurt, Springhill. I probably missed it in a different thread. Glad to hear the surgery went well and that you're on your way to recovery. Since the Pats are out, I'll even cheer for the Black and Gold (even thought they're wearing white).
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Best wishes, old friend. If - I say, IF Vermont has anything left in late season, please let me know when and where you'll be.
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With luck, your season is not over, just postponed...Here's to a great spring season. Good Luck.
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Really sorry to hear about surgery. Stick with the rehab--my wife was fanatical about it for the six months or so after foot surgery and it made a huge difference. Best doc's advice--push yourself, but stop when it hurts--easy to give, hard to follow.
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Sno'more is 100% right on. My daughter is already doing one-legged squats after knee surgery Dec. 29. (There definitely is light at the end of the tunnel.)

That said, it's a huge bummer that you had to go under the knife, my friend. My condolences.
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Ending your season early rots!!!

Hang Tough , do your rehab gig as prescribed and you'll be rockin again !

Well the Terrible Towels wear Black ----so i guess since DA Bears are out of it --Steelers will do
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i always skied with casts on my arms, even on my leg a few times.
give it a shot- you may be pleasantly surprised and uplifted.
i haven't been able to walk correctly, let alone ski, for sevral yearsdue to crippling lyme
i can make a couple turns, then turn it in for a week or two, at best.
even coaching, i've often needed walking assistance (cane, etc.)
i'd give my left nut to go make some turns right now, with or without arms.
go put some turns in .
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thanks all and coming from those of you that i've met.... well, much thanks.

vlad, your tale is encouraging, inspirational indeed. so many here have such positive attitude and determination. you know, i'll get out there as soon as enough healing happen so as not to further risk my livelyhood.

thanks again.
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right on springhill! soon as it feels less 'fragile', tie that puppy up and bring a sh*tload of gusto to the hill.
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Oxycodone seems to work well. Would that make you sick? How about some medical marijuana.
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