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proper ski sizing? k2 apache

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my current ski is rossi b1 170cm.

i am trying to buy a pair of k2 apache crossfire? which size should i get 167 or 174?

i am 5'10", 180 lbs... fairly advanced skier. spend most my time in the bumps.

whats the rule of thumb these days? ski should be between neck and top of head?

i am leaning toward the 174s, since my current skis chatter a bit at speed.
but i still want to be quick in the bumps.

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174 beyond any doubt.
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I agree with 174. I'm 5'9 and 170lbs and have the 167's. Great on groomers, but squirrly off-piste at speed. In fact I'm probably going to swap them for a midfat for my all-around ski.
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I'm a scrawny 135 pounds and 5'6", advanced skier. The 167 Apache tips got unruly for me at speed. I'm on the 174's. You being 180 pounds should be on at least the 174 if not the 181 if you are advanced. If you love the bumps, the 174 should be fine.

Good luck.
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I'am 5'8" & 185 I agree on 174's for you I ski 167's and they do chatter at speed, although I am gettin older and slower! To short is unstable
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sk55 two questions:

1. Where do you live and ski?? If you're talking big western mountain bumps and steeps get the 174. If you are going to use these primarily in the east on hard, narrow, deep trough bumps (ala Goat, Moun Snow-North Face, Wertigo at Killington or Claire's way att Hunter etc) I'd go with the 167. On nice groomers the diffrences will be negligible oh, and I think you'll prefer the 167 in tight eastern trees but the 174 in wider western glades. Ice is a wash.

2. Will these be your only set of skis or part of a quiver?? If this is your only, or even your 90 % time ski you'll probably need the 174. If they are part of a quiver (with a fat, twin, or mid fat) go shorter to work the bottom end versatility.

Point of reference I have the 167, I'm 5'10-165lbs--I ski them hard and fast in bumps, groomeers, ice and up to 8 inches of snow--in broken snow I'd probably like a little more length but in the rest of these conditions they're reallly easy and enjoyable!
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