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Marker Goggles

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Does anyone have a pair of the Marker goggles? If so, how do you like them? Do they fog up?
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I have a pair of the Infinity goggles with Light Flash coating and have not had any problems with fog this season.
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I have a pair of Infinity goggles with an M3 helmet. So far, both work great.
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I forgot to mention that, like Steve, I also use the M3 helmet with my goggles. They work great together.
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Thanks guys, that is the set-up I was looking at. The M3 with the Infinity.

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You'll love 'em. Apart from talking with people on the chair (when the sound was a bit subdued), I forgot I was wearing a helmet (this is my first helmet). It was warm even without a balaclava (which I have for very cold days), and the fit between the goggles and helmet is perfect (as you'd expect). I'm impressed with what Marker did with these brand new products.

I couldn't get the ESP50 lens that I wanted because of inventory, but the ESP15 is a nice lens for bright days. It was a bit difficult to see in the shadows when I transitioned from bright Colorado sun to dim shadow.
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