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Where to buy?

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Hey guys - I'm looking to buy a board and I can't find a good place to shop from online.

I'm looking for one of the following in 04/05 or 05/06:

K2 Illusion 160
K2 Ambush 159
K2 Access 158
K2 Zeppelin 158
Burton Fish 156 or 160 - 2005/06 only.

Place selling demos are fine.. new is also good too. I'm just tired of getting outbid in the last 5 minutes on eBay. I'm also debating waiting till the end of season sale. Any suggestions?
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try here....

Try info@theloungelife.com local shop I work with. Just checked their inventory;

k2 Ledgend 58
k2 Ambush 59
k2 Eldo 50
Butron Fish 04' pre-enjoyed 160cm

Hope this helps,
Jonah D.
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Check out where to buy stuff on my web site.
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I just got a catalouge from www.the-house.com, they had all those 05/06 K2 boards marked down $50-$100.

I bought my K2 Recon Riser from www.backcountry.com last month. Free shipping and 10% off.
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